When I want to kick the author’s butt…so mad!

    This is a recurring theme but I wanted to feature it again: Pet Peeves. I love reading and I admire authors. Truly I do. I’ve never wrote a book with my sweat and blood so I try not to judge. I always try to be positive and find readers who could be interested […]

Warning: Reading Series is a Threat to your Health. It’s so Wrong but oh so Goooooood.

Here comes another listicle and it seems it’s become a biweekly Friday/Saturday habit.   My trigger this time: I recently realized that my most awaited books in the coming months are all part of one or another series.   So I wondered: why do I read series?   If you think about it it’s insanely […]

A book a day keeps boredom away. 6 reasons why everyone should read books.

My teenage daughter came back home days ago. She was appalled. “Mom can you believe it, only three kids in my class read books! How is it possible not to read books???”. I was a VERY proud mom. I must have done something right by her. But… Whys is reading so important? What are non […]

Book Nerd Alert: All the Things We Do for Books!

Time to have some fun and discuss some of our (book lovers) quirks.  You know all these peculiarities pretty normal for avid readers but leaving most non book lovers speechless. Most of the time THEY (as in “non book junkies”) witness OUR (as in “us book nerds”) actions with incredulity, not knowing what they’re missing […]

When you have real crappy days and then… signed books land in your mail plus THE ARC you were hoping for!

Short post ahead here.   Yesterday was a really bad day. Not a lethal one but still one you can’t wait to see the end of because NOTHING goes accordingly to plan. Everyone has one or two each year and yesterday was my turn. It began with a sleepless night due to huge pain from […]

Book Boyfriends: what are yours? Find ours on Ramona’s Read With Love Blog

As I’m not on WordPress.com it does seem I can’t reblog easily.   So here is my way of telling you to go to Ramona’s blog @Ramona’s read with love blog if you want to read a really great collaborative post about book boyfriends.   Just click on the picture (borrowed from her blog) and […]

Who rules the world? GIRLS!!! Our Favorite Female Fantasy/PNR characters. Who are yours?

Who rules the world? GIRLS!   I may be an adult but I love reading paranormal or fantasy novels. And not only the adult ones but teen novels too. I swear these did not exist when I was a teen but they’re pure genius! Thanks to this genre I can really escape reality and walk […]

The power of covers or do you judge a book by its cover?

Now this post is inspired by a conversation I recently had with a friend I love chatting with over books and their covers. She is a big fan of shirtless men on book cover. Yes “M”, it’s YOU I’m talking about! But don’t be ashamed it should apply to more than 70% of my friends […]

When books hit you like a mack truck …

Like many of you I’m an avid reader, compulsive even. I’ve read more than 8.000 books in my whole live so far. But how many really last in my memories and why? This will be about books that’ve been either so inspirational/moving or so disappointing that I still remember years later.   ♥ On my […]

It’s…today! What are you reading?

I know it’s customary to post what a blogger’s reading on a determined day of the week (usually Mondays or Wednesdays).   But you know what? I DON’T CARE! I’m just in the middle of incredible reads and I wanted to share with you 😆    Plus I’m a newbie so I’ve got excuses. I […]