My Month in the Bookish World: March 2017

First time I’m wrapping up my month of bookish adventures. Well, my blog is fairly young so there’s that.   Since blogging it’s been tricky to read lots of books as there’s so much to do when blogging and so much fun to have. Anyway the books I’ve read did not disappoint in the least. […]

When my blogging adventure suddenly looked like some Disney Movies… The wonders and traps of blogging.

This morning when I woke up I had the sudden realization that my blogger life was more and more looking like Disney Movies. So let me explain why I suddenly feel a kinship with these fictional characters now that I’ve begun the blogging adventure and had to thwart some of its traps.   My first […]

When a shiny plugin’s siren call made me sell my soul to the Devil…I was screwed!

Here comes my first opinion piece as a blogger and it saddens me to confess I won’t be Wonder Woman  but rather Scrat (think about Ice Age movie, he was the unluckiest saber-tooth squirrel in the whole world).     As a blogger newbie I love visiting other blogs just to get a feel, see […]