Movie Trailer: Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre!!!! I loooved this book and now it’s a movie!

Welcome to the Movie Trailer Reveal for Hollywood Dirt!   If you did not know it already I absolutely adored Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre so I’m positively thrilled to introduce you to the movie trailer. 😀    In a nutshell: When Hollywood comes to a small Georgia town, the cautious locals don’t know what […]

Interview of the Brilliant and Famous Alessandra Torre! Queen of Romance Stories: twisted, hot or sweet you name it!

Dear Reader,   If you follow me for some months/weeks now you must know that I love interviewing authors. I’m fascinated by the writing process and can’t ever know enough about how the author’s genius minds work.   When I contacted the famous Alessandra Torre I had not great expectations. I did not think she […]