Discussion: do you need a HEA in your books?

Hi dear friends, I am back this Thursday with a small discussion topic: do you need a HEA when you read a book? And does it depend of the genre you are reading? As often with my discussion posts, this all started from a conversation with a follower who also is a friend and author. […]

Discussion: Does reading make you a better person?

Hi dear friends! On this Thursday I come to you with a discussion topic inspired by something I heard on the radio this last Sunday. Does reading make you a better person? While I was eating breakfast last Sunday someone on the radio was talking about empathy . He cited several studies focusing on profiling […]

Discussion: Tips and tricks to read series when you are a forgetful reader and you don’t want to reread all the previous books.

Hi dear friends! First thing first: I am sorry as I know I am so behind on replying and commenting but my husbqnd had a surgery this week and it’s been  reaaaaally busy! He is well don’t worry but I am home in periods of 15 to 30 minutes max, not the easiest way to […]

Discussion: Do you also forget character’s names? And scenes? And specifics about books you loved?

Hi dear friends, I am back on this thursday with another discussion topic. It’s something that is nagging at my mind and sometimes makes me feel lacking: remembering names, scenes, specifics about books you’ve read. You see once I have finished reading the book or even in the middle of my read, if you ask […]

Discussion: can we predict your favorite reading genre based on your job? Just have a peek and try to guess!

Hi dear friends, Today is Thursday the day I try to come up with some discussion post! Sometimes they are serious, sometimes fun, sometimes a little bit of both! This time I want to discuss the way our jobs influence or not our favorite reading genres! Nothing is scientific here, just my crazy imagination but […]

Discussion: do schools have it all wrong with books? Would you change something to the assigned reads? Do they reach their goal?

Hi dear friends! Today (and the whole week) I am away from home training hard for work! That’s why this post has been scheduled (for once) and why I will keep it simple and straightforward because I want YOU to do the dirty work LOL Today’s topic is schools and their assigned reads. Do you […]