Fundraiser for Emma Scott’s daughter Isabel: Isabel Can

Hi dear friends,   You may know by now that Isabell, Emma Scott’s daughter of 10 years old is in the ICU for some days now in critical condition due to a heart attack. Whole story from her uncle’s post on facebook: “On the morning of June 20, 2018 author, Emma Scott’s 10-year old daughter, […]

Update about Isabel’s health, Emma Scott’s daughter

Many of you has asked that I keep them updated about Isabel’s health, Emma Scott’s daughter. If you did not know it she is currently in the ICU for more than 36 hours as she suffered from a heart attack. Isabel is young yet had a heart condition and should have had a surgery months […]

Sorry if I am often MIA for one week… I am nose stuck in books (drowning in ARCs). I’ll make up with Belgian chocolates.

Hi dear friends, I wanted to say SORRY is I’m not commenting, liking and replying as fast and as often this next week but I am drowning in ARCs that all landed at the same time on my Kindle! Three were due in May and have been delayed another one is right on time! Four […]

May 2018 Wrap Up and The Sunday Post “All In”

Hi Dear friends! As I’ve been overwhelmed with work and other not so great news this week I will combine my monthly wrap-up with The Sunday Post today!  Personal news first I am sorry if I have been quite MIA these days but I was busy touring the country (granted this is a small country) […]

Shop closed for the day: I am reading Warstorm by Victoria Aveyard!

Sorry friends,   No replies or comments or anything from me today I am reading one of my most anticipated reads of 2018: Warstorm! I am currently hiding in the loo faking bowels problems just to be left alone by the family but shhhhhh! you know nothing!   This post will auto destruct in 3,2,1…. […]

Banned Book Club May Read and Review. Discussion: Does author’s personal behavior deter you from your read?

Hi dear friends! I told you some weeks ago that I was a member of a book club: The Banned Book Club. I’ve been invited to join this group of fantastic ladies (yes no man so far…what are you waiting for???). What is it about? “The Banned Book Club is for readers who don’t stand […]