Thank you to all of you! And some apologies ….

I know that today is Black Friday and Thanksgiving was yesterday but I still want to express my thanks today! It’s been nearly two years now that I began that blog. It began on a dare. Some friends challenged me into creating my blog. A place to express my opinion and love for books. What […]

What books do you NEED to become a movie? Help NETFLIX and see my choices.

Hi dear friends, This is totally an “out of the  blue” post but when I saw on Facebook that Netflix is asking for book recommendations to decide new movies to make …I found it brilliant! I posted my ideas plural even if they ask for ONE book *obviously they are not readers because asking a […]

In reply to Mandy Bookprincessreview: Bookstagram 101 part 2. Props, furry friends, light and co.

Hi dear friends,   Today I was blog hopping and came to a very interesting post written by Mandy @bookprincessreview where she asks questions for bookstagrammers. Some questions are funny, some should I think interest many others and you can find her post HERE: It made me realize that it’s been months since my […]

Are you an easy reader or from the grouchy variety? Top 5 hated tropes.

Hi dear friends, Ttoday is top 5 Tuesday at Shanah @bionicbookworm and it came with a shocking realization: I AM EASY!!!! Not an easy lay mind you *or not that I know of* but an easy reader! I was thinking about today’s topic the top 5 hated tropes and then went perusing on other’s post […]

September Wrap-up and recommendations for Coffee drinkers and Tea fans! The Sunday Post September 30th

Hi dear friends! Time for a little weekly chit chat about how my week went and what happened on the blog. As usual I will link it up with @CaffeinatedReviewer. Today I will combine this with my September wrap-up because ….September is already over!!!! Tomorrow begins the pumpkin, trick or treat season known as Halloween […]

Discussion. Invite Only: When I feel like a sulking teenager relegated to the kiddie pool!

When Sophie is playing Don Quixote   Hi dear friends, If you follow me for some time now you certainly got that I try to see the bright side. I also like to think that I am pretty easy to collaborate with. There is enough drama in real life not to take it here and […]