Discussion: What advices would you give baby or aspiring bloggers? Is blogging worth it?

Hi dear friends,   I am back for another discussion post as I love reading your reactions, remarks and thoughts on these posts! Many of your comments already gave me food for future discussion posts! Today’s topic is : what advice would you give new or aspiring bloggers? And is it worth it beginning a […]

Discussion: How do you like your book bloggers? Neutral or Opinionated? Books focused only or not? Do they have a duty to use their voice?

Hi dear friends, I am back again with a topic I’d like to discuss with you today: book bloggers and what you expect from them. Or rather from us.   On a side note when I wrote “how do you love your book bloggers” I wanted to add “Rare? Medium? Well done? ” 😀 Back […]

Discussion: Reading ARCs …is it such a good idea? Why do you want them so badly?

Hi dear friends,   I am back with another discussion post that I would love (again) to get your intake about! Last week I posted about why I think publishing houses don’t have it right all the time by favoring blogs with big followers count when sending ARCs (you can find the post HERE). Well […]

Discussion: Do you think publishing houses have it right choosing only “big” blogs? I don’t think this is the golden rule and here is why!

Hi dear friends,   I wanted to come to you today with another topic that I would love getting your feedback upon: blog size and publishing houses’s marketing strategy. Yes yes I know that does sounds so serious but that’s really something that’s been nagging my mind lately. First let’s state the case: when sending […]

Why I blame Disney for being addicted to romance. True story of my life. #RomanceLoveCelebration

Hi dear friends,   Today in this month of Romance and Love Celebration I wanted to share something with you to kickstart this series of daily posts from authors and bloggers. You all know that my main reading genre is romance and its infinite variations (YA, NA, Adult, Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery, SciFi etc etc.) right? […]

When I am morphing into a Romance Planner. The Sunday Post 01/13/2019

Hi dear friends, Time for our weekly wrap up and chit chat. As usual I am linking this post with The Sunday Post meme created by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer Let’s get into private life first … This week was my second week of holiday (Why do I need to get back to work tomorrow again? Ha […]