Feeling grateful and other news

Summer is beginning and my kids are now officially on holiday. Family time ahead!   I love spending time with my kids but it also means that I’ll blog sporadically for some weeks. Organizing fun activities for the whole family, some hiking, horse riding. Maybe discover museums?  Day or two day trips? Who knows. I […]

Discussion: Are you literary fluid? What’s your books journey?

It’s that time of the month (no, not THAT time 😉  ) where I have ideas spontaneously bursting about book discussion.   And I wondered what are your reading habits ? Do you stick to a preferred genre? Do you seek diversity? Would you read everything or shy away from some kind of books? So […]

Discussion: Teaser or not teaser? That’s the question…. and other considerations about graphic tools in blogging world.

Now I’d like to have your feedback dear bloggers. I’m a very visual person and I love pictures. And no, not (always) the guy who lost his shirt even if it’s a definite perk! But don’t give me guys groping their junk because it’s a definite turn off. I need some mystery for God’s sake. […]

Free spirit or walk the line? Listicle about indie vs traditionally published authors.

This post has been motivated by some obstacles I’ve encountered recently regarding traditionally published authors.   It made me realize some fundamental differences between indie authors and traditionally published authors I’d like to discuss with you.   When I became a member of Goodreads some years ago I heard more and more about “indie authors”. […]

My Month in the Bookish World: March 2017

First time I’m wrapping up my month of bookish adventures. Well, my blog is fairly young so there’s that.   Since blogging it’s been tricky to read lots of books as there’s so much to do when blogging and so much fun to have. Anyway the books I’ve read did not disappoint in the least. […]