When I am morphing into a Romance Planner. The Sunday Post 01/13/2019

Hi dear friends, Time for our weekly wrap up and chit chat. As usual I am linking this post with The Sunday Post meme created by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer Let’s get into private life first … This week was my second week of holiday (Why do I need to get back to work tomorrow again? Ha […]

Are Good Resolutions Has Been??? What’s in for 2019…

Hi dear friends, I’ve seen good resolutions or 2019 goal posts everywhere! Of course the new year comes with good resolutions every year BUT are good resolutions taken on New Year’s Eve really a good idea? I will give you three reasons why it may not be so clever to make them on December 31st/January […]

#BestBooksof2018: Day 30: Best Bloggers! Sam, Dani, Lashaan, Raven,The Orang Outang Librarian and many others!

Hi dear friends, Today is a special day as I get to feature my “Best Bloggers” of 2018. Yet this was a really, really, really difficult choice as I think that you are all special and fantastic in your own way! Blogging is a hard mistress as Greg said last week. Blogging takes time and […]

Thank you to all of you! And some apologies ….

I know that today is Black Friday and Thanksgiving was yesterday but I still want to express my thanks today! It’s been nearly two years now that I began that blog. It began on a dare. Some friends challenged me into creating my blog. A place to express my opinion and love for books. What […]

What books do you NEED to become a movie? Help NETFLIX and see my choices.

Hi dear friends, This is totally an “out of the  blue” post but when I saw on Facebook that Netflix is asking for book recommendations to decide new movies to make …I found it brilliant! I posted my ideas plural even if they ask for ONE book *obviously they are not readers because asking a […]

In reply to Mandy Bookprincessreview: Bookstagram 101 part 2. Props, furry friends, light and co.

Hi dear friends,   Today I was blog hopping and came to a very interesting post written by Mandy @bookprincessreview where she asks questions for bookstagrammers. Some questions are funny, some should I think interest many others and you can find her post HERE: https://bookprincessreviews.wordpress.com/2018/11/17/questions-i-have-for-bookstagrammers/ It made me realize that it’s been months since my […]