Discussion: do social media make it impossible for an author to do right?

Hi dear friends, Some weeks ago on the taboo topics discussion, Katie from @nevernotreading commented with the very arresting: “I think it’s tough for writers right now, because we have kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” culture thriving on twitter right now. If you ignore a taboo topic, you’re ostracized. […]

Discussion: should we give books 5 stars? And if you do, what’s important for you?

Hi dear friends,   Today’s discussion topic is a “lighter” one! It’s been triggered by some teacher of my daughter as she “never gives 100% (or 20/20)  as perfection is impossible and there is always room for improvement!”. It made me think of our rating system. 5 stars is her “100%” and if we follow […]

Discussion: should authors write about taboos? And how? With warnings or not? Do your read books with taboo?

Hi dear friends,   I am back this week with another discussion topic inspired by one of your reactions on last week’s discussion: Authors, the good, the bad and the ugly. I really liked what Tanaz Masaba wrote last week: “I am probably going to disagree on the “if you do not like, do not […]

Discussion: authors the good, the bad, the ugly. Do author’s behaviors influence your reading and buying habit? And do they have a duty?

Hi dear friends, I am back again with a discussion topic for you! It was born from a private and very interesting discussion that I had last week with a FB friend and I would love having your intake on this topic! Topic of the day: do author’s behavior influence your reading/buying experience? And do […]

Discussion: What advices would you give baby or aspiring bloggers? Is blogging worth it?

Hi dear friends,   I am back for another discussion post as I love reading your reactions, remarks and thoughts on these posts! Many of your comments already gave me food for future discussion posts! Today’s topic is : what advice would you give new or aspiring bloggers? And is it worth it beginning a […]

Discussion: How do you like your book bloggers? Neutral or Opinionated? Books focused only or not? Do they have a duty to use their voice?

Hi dear friends, I am back again with a topic I’d like to discuss with you today: book bloggers and what you expect from them. Or rather from us.   On a side note when I wrote “how do you love your book bloggers” I wanted to add “Rare? Medium? Well done? ” 😀 Back […]