Discussion: Are spoilers always a bad thing? And what do you consider as a spoiler?

Hi dear friends!   Today’s discussion is about: -something that’s hated by most readers; -something that’s sought after by a minority of readers; -something that can be a life saver for trigger unhappy readers; -something that can lower your blood pressure when you have a thirst to KNOW! Today’s discussion is about spoilers!   First […]

Discussion: quotes. What are your favorites? What’s their power? Where to find them?

Happy Thursday friends! For today’s discussion I wanted to come with something dear to my heart: quotes and especially book quotes! First question for you: do you believe in the power of quotes? I do! Be it from a book or a song, I think quotes can salvage your day and give you courage or […]

Discussion: When do you review and how do you do it?

Happy Thursday friends! Ready for another discussion post? Topic: when do you write your reviews and how do you do it? I am always amazed when I see some bloggers or readers stating that they still need to write 5 reviews because…I could never do it! I mean I must have a brain the size […]

Discussion: readers are weird creatures and would do many things for books! What have YOU done for books? I have …

Hi dear friends! I wanted this week’s discussion post to be a light and funny one. Today I want to know all the things you would do or have done for books! Come on! Srsly? GIF from Barackobama GIFs You know us, readers, are weird creatures sometimes frenzied ones! Don’t tell me you’ve never been […]

Discussion: I HATE it when publishing houses ….

Hi dear friends, Today I am asking you to join me in the list of things you don’t like (hate) that publishing houses do and that you would like to change! It can be small or it can be big but …don’t tell me there is NOTHING that is bugging you from time to time […]

Discussion: The Art of Blogging in the Rain. How to go on when the sky is dark.

Hi dear friends,   I know that today I’ve made a wordplay with Garth Stein’s book title “The Art of racing in the Rain” (that you should absolutely read by the way) but it was too tempting as the topic is: How do you go on blogging when you feel exhausted and under water? The […]