I bet I can recommend a book based on your favorite Fall activities! Ready to play along?

Hi dear friends! Today is a free day from Top 5 Tuesday as Shanah is enjoying some family time for two weeks so I thought that I would do a different but fun post. Last year I betted that I could recommend you books based on your favorite fall drink and this year we will […]

Discussion: Do you need to be loud to be a good/worthy/famous blogger?

Hi friends, Today’s discussion topic has been inspired by Nick @theinfinitelimitsoflove ‘s tweet. She was saying that she feels disconnected from the book community part of it because she feels “rather invisible” when she is not actively shouting about things. And that gets quickly exhausting. Find her tweet HERE.   And it made me think. […]

Discussion: How come that it never happens in real life like it happens in romance books? Let’s look at some tropes

Hi dear friends! Today’s discussion came to me while I was scheduling a book promo. When reading the very engaging blurb I thought :”OK but I bet THAT would not happen to ME in real life”. And I wanted to write a little funny post about some situations and tropes that we find in books, […]

Discussion: Is your review ‘s prose/”writing style” influenced by the genre of book you read?

Hi dear friends, Today’s discussion topic was something I wanted to talk about for some time and visiting Lashaan @bookidote ‘s blog yesterday decided me to take the plunge! Lashaan has written an incredible (as usual because man, can that guy write a review!) review about “A Little Hatred” by Joe Abercrombie (you can read […]

Discussion: Are spoilers always a bad thing? And what do you consider as a spoiler?

Hi dear friends!   Today’s discussion is about: -something that’s hated by most readers; -something that’s sought after by a minority of readers; -something that can be a life saver for trigger unhappy readers; -something that can lower your blood pressure when you have a thirst to KNOW! Today’s discussion is about spoilers!   First […]

Discussion: quotes. What are your favorites? What’s their power? Where to find them?

Happy Thursday friends! For today’s discussion I wanted to come with something dear to my heart: quotes and especially book quotes! First question for you: do you believe in the power of quotes? I do! Be it from a book or a song, I think quotes can salvage your day and give you courage or […]