Bookstagrams 101 Part 1: Why and how to begin on Instagram

Hello dear friends,   Today will maybe be rehash for some of you if you follow Evelina at Avalinahsbook as this post was already published with some variation some weeks ago. It was part of “NewBloggers101” series. BUT If you don’t follow her I thought useful to share it here too. This post will be […]

Fairyloot Unboxing: March 2018: Memorable Moments

Hi dear friends,   Today is officially the day we can show our Fairyloot March boxes and we won’t spoil other readers fun who would still be  awaiting their boxes. A little back story here because getting this box has been..epic! First we were mid March and I had no sign about a shipping number. […]

Discussion: social media curse or blessing?

Hi dear friends!   Without a daily challenge for this month I’m back on track with some discussion posts and today I would like to have a chat with you about social media.   Do you think social media are a curse or a blessing? Or both? Do you use them? When and why? Do […]

My April Wish List or the books I hope to read.

Hi dear friends! First time that I’m doing a monthly TBR! Without daily challenge I suddenly have more free time on my hands to write other posts so why not give you an idea of what I hope to read this month? You’ll see many adult contemporary this month as the YA fantasty I am […]

March wrap-up and Happy Easter

Hello dear friends, Time for a monthly wrap-up already! It’s Easter weekend and it feels like spring here. It was about time as I’m really exhausted by the long winter, short days and long commuting hours. Work has been really intense the whole month and added to winter plus my kids problems with the school […]

The Sunday Post March 25th

Hello dear friends, Here is another Sunday Post that I managed to write even if I’m currently deep into Restore Me by Tahere Mafi and don’t want to stop reading! So Sunday Post is a weekly event to look back into our week and tell what is to come next week. It’s hosted by Kimberly […]