Fairyloot Unboxing: March 2018: Memorable Moments

Hi dear friends,   Today is officially the day we can show our Fairyloot March boxes and we won’t spoil other readers fun who would still be  awaiting their boxes. A little back story here because getting this box has been..epic! First we were mid March and I had no sign about a shipping number. […]

My April Wish List or the books I hope to read.

Hi dear friends! First time that I’m doing a monthly TBR! Without daily challenge I suddenly have more free time on my hands to write other posts so why not give you an idea of what I hope to read this month? You’ll see many adult contemporary this month as the YA fantasty I am […]

Sorry but today I’m nose stuck in a book! I’ll reply and comment and like …tomorrow!

A very short post to let you all know that today I’m engrossed in a book and I just don’t want to stop reading!!!   Be back answering and liking an dcommenting…. tomorrow!   Oh an dmy current book crush is Blood and Sand by C.V. Wyk! Love you all and talk tomorrow!   PS […]

Open letter to Anonymous author of life’s philosophy altering The Silver Cage

First time in my life that I’ll be doing an “Open Letter To” but it’s been a week since I’ve read The Silver Cage and I have too much emotions locked up in my chest, too much questions swirling in my head, too much feelings to express that I just need to do this.   […]

Februray book haul: when my wallet agonised

A small post today but I think I put Shanah to shame 😀  You must know by now that I went to my first book event in London well I bought lots of books at the event AND at Waterstone Piccadilly Street. Some were also pre ordered on Amazon and Book Depository…   February Book […]

When I learned to play the guitar on the streets to finance my most awaited books of 2018!

Dear readers and friends it’s now official 2018 is the year where I’m going BROKE! Let’s see I’ve listed 22 books that I WILL read in 2018. These are my most awaited reads but I know plenty other books will be read. If you assess around 15 to 20 USD per book (paperback or hardcover […]