YALC 2018: Part 1 : Tips to prepare and dream vs reality

Hi dear friends! I promised you several posts on YALC 2018 and here is my first one about: Why attend YALC? How to attend YALC? Dreams vs reality.   1. First of all why attend YALC? Indeed this is a very important question as the entrance tickets costs 56 EUR for the whole three days […]

This or that cover? And why do covers change with the countries?

Hi dear friends, I did not plan to write a second post today but stumbling upon Kingdom of Ashes cover reveal (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE) made me ponder about the differences in covers. When I was last in London in February I visited Waterstone Piccadilly (some book fan that I met at Starbuck told me Sarah J Maas […]

When I got broke in ten minutes ….June’s book haul

I know that: -whe are in July already; -that I have tons of like and commenting to do; -that I am slowly melting on the spot as it is hot as hell here and staying behind the PC is not the smartest thing to do; -that I have tons of ARCs to read and reviews […]

Fundraiser for Emma Scott’s daughter Isabel: Isabel Can

Hi dear friends,   You may know by now that Isabell, Emma Scott’s daughter of 10 years old is in the ICU for some days now in critical condition due to a heart attack. Whole story from her uncle’s post on facebook: “On the morning of June 20, 2018 author, Emma Scott’s 10-year old daughter, […]

Sorry if I am often MIA for one week… I am nose stuck in books (drowning in ARCs). I’ll make up with Belgian chocolates.

Hi dear friends, I wanted to say SORRY is I’m not commenting, liking and replying as fast and as often this next week but I am drowning in ARCs that all landed at the same time on my Kindle! Three were due in May and have been delayed another one is right on time! Four […]

Shop closed for the day: I am reading Warstorm by Victoria Aveyard!

Sorry friends,   No replies or comments or anything from me today I am reading one of my most anticipated reads of 2018: Warstorm! I am currently hiding in the loo faking bowels problems just to be left alone by the family but shhhhhh! you know nothing!   This post will auto destruct in 3,2,1…. […]