Discussion: Are romance readers subpar readers? And romance writers subpar writers?

Hi dear friends! Today I am back with a discussion topic very dear to my heart! Do you think romance readers are subpar readers? And subsequently are romance writers subpar writers? This topic was born after one of my company’s bosses asked me about my book blog and the genre that I read. When I […]

RARE Paris Moments, Anecdotes and fun facts

Hi dear friends! I had promised a second post with some more “personal” tales on my Paris adventures with my mom while attending RARE Paris! Here it comes with a collection of “moments”. Think about it like a photo album.   I love my mom! She is 79, always elegant and joyful! She finally learned […]

Top 5 Tips to Attend or Volunteer to a Book Event! Or Sophie’s bout of Wisdom after her RARE Paris (and London and YALC) adventure!

Hi dear friends! Today Shanah @bionicbookworm gave us a day off from Top 5 Tuesday but as I promised the tale of my adventures at RARE Paris I thought I would begin with my best tips! You will get a second post in the coming days about anecdotes of my experience at RARE Paris.   […]

And the winners are …. List of my favorite books read in January and February 2019

Hi dear friends,   It’s past mid March already and I was thinking of all the books that I had read this year. It is said that bloggers love lists (and that’s true as I love reading lists too, just not grocery shopping lists maybe) and I thought it would be a good idea to […]

Victoria L James wrote a one-off chapter from Alex’s point of view (Natexus) for us today in #RomanceLoveCelebration

Hi dear friends, This is our last day in our Love and Romance Celebration! Already. To end on a bang I am welcoming today Victoria L James! I discovered Victoria when I read “A Girl Like Lilac” and it was insta love! This is such a romantic, cute and a little angsty love story! Toby […]

Heather from Book and a Blanket shares the most pivotal moments in a love story in #RomanceLoveCelebration

Hi dear friends, Today I am happy to welcome another blogger friend: Heather @bookandablanket ! Heather loves romance like I do and is a really friendly and busy bee of a woman! Today she wants to share the “meet cute” in love stories. Thank you so much to Sophie for inviting me to participate in […]