Books I have the hots for! September till December 2018.

Hi dear friends, For weeks I’ve seen bloggers sharing their “I want to read” lists and I just wanted to kick myself because, of course, this is interesting! Mind you thanks to their lists I must have added at least 6 books to my TBR. My heart is very happy my wallet ….not so much! […]

Wanted: Young Man for lead role in YA Story. Requisite: see post for details.

Welcome to Sophie’s blog Beware of the Reader We’ve been tasked by the “Autors Association of Fictional Young Adult Stories” to recruit a pool of future main character candidates. Job description -You will be the main character of either a contemporary or fantasy/PNR fictional story. -Some will be booked for standalones others for trilogies or […]

Fairyloot Unboxing: August theme: Mutinous Pirates!

Hi dear friends,  Do you have subscription to book boxes? I have subscribed to Fairyloot for some months now but I wonder if I will keep it or not. Not because the box is not great but because it costs a lot of money and some boxes left me wanting book wise. I did not […]

Septembre TBR …may the gods of ARCs be with me!

Hi dear friends, Time to try a September TBR post here. Try being the key word as these last months two phenomena seem to happen: 1) Authors postpone their book release and their ARC are rescheduled. Hence blogger reschedule too or let them go but as I request few ARCs and only those I really […]

YALC 2018 Part 2 : anecdotes, fun facts, selfies and some drama in London!

This is the second post in my YALC 2018 series and today I’d like to speak about fun anecdotes, acts of kindness etc. You’ll also get a short story about why I called the hotel reception at 3:30 AM….   1) First of all: who are the chatty authors? Authors are like us. You have […]

August TBR …Sleep? Who needs sleep when there is books to read!

Happy Friday dear friends!   I am still working like mad to write all my reviews, posts and bookstagrams before going back to work on Monday!   We are in August already and it’s time for a tentative TBR!   August will be HOT!  Many ARCs that I expected in July have been delayed and […]