Discussion: Are you fed up with diversity in books? Is diversity necessary to be a good writer or a good reader?

Hi dear friends,   Time for another weekly dicussion post! June being pride month it had me thinking about diversity in books. Years ago you never or very rarely saw a main character being gay or bisexual or asexual or … Neither had you many books talking about minorities and not many had people of […]

Discussion: Single POV or Multiple POV? What do you dig and why?

Hi dear friends, This Thursday’s topic was inspired by a conversation I recently had with my daughter. We discussed the pros and cons of single or multiple POV in books! Let’s state upfront that I think multiple POV are way more difficult to do right for the author! Especially if we have male and female […]

Discussion: do you love villains? And what are your favorites?

Hi dear friends, I am back again with a little chit chat about some topic dear to my heart. This week you have “the villains”. You know the bad guy in the story! Sometimes some of them are even more interesting than the main character! And they do add some salt and dimension to a […]

Discussion: do you need a HEA in your books?

Hi dear friends, I am back this Thursday with a small discussion topic: do you need a HEA when you read a book? And does it depend of the genre you are reading? As often with my discussion posts, this all started from a conversation with a follower who also is a friend and author. […]

Discussion: Does reading make you a better person?

Hi dear friends! On this Thursday I come to you with a discussion topic inspired by something I heard on the radio this last Sunday. Does reading make you a better person? While I was eating breakfast last Sunday someone on the radio was talking about empathy . He cited several studies focusing on profiling […]

Discussion: Tips and tricks to read series when you are a forgetful reader and you don’t want to reread all the previous books.

Hi dear friends! First thing first: I am sorry as I know I am so behind on replying and commenting but my husbqnd had a surgery this week and it’s been  reaaaaally busy! He is well don’t worry but I am home in periods of 15 to 30 minutes max, not the easiest way to […]