First Fairyloot Wohoo!!

OK this post will be mainly a visual one for a change but I wanted to show all the pretty books and goodies that I’ve got in my first Fairyloot box ever!   Show off? Totally! But you have to understand it’s been months since I’m salivating when I see all the boxes my US […]

Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Halloween Creatures Book Tag   I was enjoying Shanah’s answers @Bionicbookworm  to this tag when I realized she tagged me! I’m really happy but also a little bit scared. Halloween did not exist in Europe when I was a child! Crazy I know LOL. But it’s invaded Europe when my own kids were small so […]

Top 5 Tuesday Favourite Covers

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Shanah @BionicBookWorm that lead us to explore different topics. Don’t be shy and come play with us!   OK today was VERY difficult not because I don’t love gorgeous book covers but because I had to choose ONLY 5 covers! I may or may not have obeyed […]

Top 5 Tuesday: Most Read Authors

Top 5 tuesday is a weekly meme imagined by Shanah @BionicBookWorm. She always has an interesting topic to talk about and this week’s choice is our Most Read Authors!!! OK I could do it scientifically and go to Goodreads and try to organize my shelves by author and count but… I’m too lazy! Anyway you […]

Calendar Girl October: Best Paranormal Novel

Fifth participation in this monthly blog event called Calendar Girls and hosted by Melanie Bernard and Flavia The Bibliophile. It’s now become a tradition at Beware Of The Reader and these girls are so funny I like to be a part of their “posse” LOL. Again this is a perfect event/tag/meme call it like you […]

#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 30: World Traveler

Today is the last day of the bookboyfriends challenge and I did it every day!!! I’m the first surprised. It’s been a lot of work as I did not want to simply paste the cover of a book and give two words. No as a true overachiever  I had to bring the big guns and […]