#BookCouplesChallenge Day 19

New chance (divorced/widowed) OK today’s topic is new chance. We even get the divorced or widowed instruction. Well I love new chances. It means you can make mistakes or have drama in your life but there is still light and hope at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m all positive but that’s just […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 18

Long Distance OK today’s topic is long distance and once again I am raking my brain for that kind of couple. Who has long distance relationship? Oh yes maybe SEALs or penfriends maybe? Or athletes if one is playing in one country and the other in another country or state? Or … Let’s try! Shay […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 17

Today’s Book Couple Challenge is LGBTQ   I have not read many books with main characters being homosexual or transgendre. Side characters plenty but main characters no. I guess it’s not my favorite genre and yet the two books I’ve read with main characters being either homosexual or bisexual are among the most beautiful and […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 16

New topic today one that I find really interesting! I think we become wiser and smarter when we speak with people from other cultures and often from other races. I love traveling and meeting other ways to leave, other traditions and other races.It opens my eyes and put many things in perspective. I don’t hold […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Historical

Book Couples Challenge day 15 Here I am again with a short list of historical romances recently read. Some twenty years ago I was a huge fan of historical novels. I’ve read all Alexandre Duma Father’s books (in French my mother language) and loved Dartagnan, Aramis and Portos! I also read many Christian Jacq‘s books […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 14

Today’s topic is another of my favorite tropes in romance. Why? You will say that in high school there are cliques and petty people. It’s a difficult moment as hormones are raging (pimps too unfortunately) you make bad decisions as that boy you gave everything just crushed you heart soon after. So why bother right? […]