#BestBooksof2018: Day 9: Favorite series. Blogmas. Two winners again …I know I know

Hi dear friends,   Today’s topic in our daily “Best Books read in 2018” is favorite series! Another very difficult topic as I read lots of series! I chose once again two winners but I would like to begin with my honorable mentions to: –Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi (I’ve read Restore Me and […]

#BestBooksof2018: Day 8 Best of the Bests. Blogmas. Two winners again today.

Hi dear friends,   Today is the 8th day of our blogmas fun and this was the MOST DIFFICULT CHOICE of all! Choosing my “Best of the Bests” among around 115 books read so far with I think an average of 4,00 rating (my guess) has proved really difficult! I narrowed my choice down to […]

Queen of Air and Darkness: First Impression 12/07. And explaining why I will reply, like and comment late the incoming days.

Hi dear friends,   I am back on track with the “First Impression Friday”. Joe@Storey of Stories  has imagined this meme called “First Impression”. It’s a meme where you talk about a book that you JUST STARTED! Maybe you’re only two sentences in the book, a chapter or two , maybe a little farther.  The goal is […]

BestBooksof2018 Day 7: Best contemporaries read in 2018. Blogmas

Hi dear friends,   I am writing this post one day ahead as I will have a difficult day today but I so wanted to share with you my #BestBooksof2018 in contemporary because I loved these books so much! Yes these you’ve read it right. I could not choose only one winner today as both […]

#BestBooksof2018 Day 6: Best Historical! Blogmas

Hi dear friends, In today’s #BestBooksof2018 the prompt is “Best Historical”. I confess that this one was quite easy for me as I don’t read many historicals nowadays. I used to be an historical junkie ranging from prehistory through antiquity etc but not anymore. BUT I do read some of them from time to time […]

#BestBooksof2018 Day 5: Best dark/thriller/suspense Blogmas

Hi dear friends!   Today is the fifth day already in our #BestBooksof2018 and the topic is: dark and/or thirller and/or suspense.   As a teenager and young adult I used to read lots of thrillers or suspense as my dad loved that genre! Being broke as a student I often picked my reads on […]