It’s space opera day on Beware Of The Reader! Top 5 space stories with a surprise for Greg and for Lashaan!

Top 5 books set in space : this is this week’s topic on @bionicbookworm! I thought I would never have five books read set in space to share with you as I am a newbie “space stories” lover but when I looked closer at my shelves I realized that I had read books either set […]

I had no idea chores would be FUN thanks to audiobooks! The Sunday Post 03/24/2019

Hi dear friends,   Today is Sunday and it’s time to catch up with you! What happened in real life and what happened on the blog? I am linking up to The Sunday Post from Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer In my private life first! It’s been a really weird and exhausting week at work. On Monday I […]

What kind of friendship are you looking for in books? Here is my top 5 and more …

Hi dear friends, Today is Tuseday and it means that: -tomorrow I have a day off work to catch up with you (finally because I had no time at all to even look at my feed and WP reader for two days!); -I had to put the garbage outside as the garbage truck will come […]

When my daughter insists on being all dolled up for possible hot firefighters. The Sunday Post 03/17/19

Hi dear friends! It’s time for our weekly recap about my week “in real life” and on the blog. As usual I am linking with The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly@caffeinatedreviewer What happened this week in my private life? Well the wind went on! Nearly the whole week! No damage to the roof but it […]

Top 5 (and more) books set in countries that I’ve visited or lived in! And why Shanah is determined to torture me …again!

Hi dear friends, Today is Tuesday and that means another Top 5 Tuesday post! Last month was hell for me as Shanah asked us to post about books based on Hogwarts Houses! Well today the torture is going on as she asked for our top 5 books set in our country!   You have to […]

Will my roof fly away? Stormy weather ahead! The Sunday Post 03/10/2019

Hi deard friends! Today is Sunday time to look back on my week and have a little chitchat with you all! As usual I am linking back to Kimberly’s Sunday Post @caffeinatedbookreviewer In my personal life first When I was in high school my English teacher (the best teacher I have ever had) told us […]