#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 29: Teen

#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 29   Oh my God! It’s already day 29 in the BookBoyfriendsChallenge! Once again I swear I’M NOT A COUGAR! But the ladies at Night Owl Romance Read and Collector of Book Boyfriends made me choose a teen. Not my fault I swear!!!! Ok ok I confess I read a lot of YA! […]

#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 27: Sweet Boy

Day 27 already and Bex at Night Owl Reader Romance and the girls at Collector of Book Boyfriends want a sweet boy!   I don’t know you but when I read sweet boy I focus on boy. Not that I’m a craddle robber don’t worry I don’t mean that kind of boy! But more like […]

Top 5 Tuesday: top 5 characters I would team up with to rule the world

Top 5 tuesday is aweekly meme imagined by Shanah @BionicBookWorm.   I love her blog and her ideas! It’s always original and sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone.   I must be the bane of Shanah’s existence by now as I’m always posting my top 5 late. I’m certain Lewis Carol’s rabbit must […]

#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 26 PNR

#BookBoyfriendsChallenge Day 26   Today will be The Clash of the Book Boyfriends or The Battle of Book Boyfriends. It is impossible to choose!!!! You see the flavor of the day is PNR and I read tons of PNR and I have a harem of PNR book boyfriends.   So today’s contest will be very […]

#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 25 Sugar Dady

    #BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 25    Today is the most difficult for me as I have never read a book about a sugar daddy ever! Don’t throw rocks at me please!!!   So here I’ll go with one of the most famous recent books about sugar dadies.   The winner today based on my friend’s […]

#BookBoyfriendChallenge Day 23: Southern

OK day 23 and it’s about southerns book boyfriends.   Heck! Do you recall all the settings of your love stories? I don’t. So I was really digging deep but suddenly … I saw the light! I had the perfect boyfriend. A real southern gentleman. Caring, protective, doing the right thing. Cherry on top the […]