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Update at 04/10/217

I am currently  NOT accepting review requests anymore as my schedule is full for months now with book reviews and beta reads! This policy may change in the future and as soon as my schedule will allow me to add more reviews I’ll update this post.


If you are an author and you would like me to read your book and review it, feel free to contact me by filling in the form below. I am happy to review on demand but as I’m a VERY busy bee I’m only able to accept a few of them. Reading, reviewing and blogging must stay a hobby and not a chore.


Before you ask me to read your book, please:


  • read some of my reviews.  I will always write honestly about what I enjoyed as well as what I did not enjoy in your book.


  • read my “Review Policy”and reating scale,  check if you fit in my favorite genres and my review policy.


If I did not like the book I won’t write a review as it takes time. I consider my role as a book reviewer and blogger a positive one, rather than a negative one.  If I won’t write a review I’ll always contact you to give you some feedback about what worked or did not work for me.


All reviews will be posted on this Blog, on Goodreads, on Facebook on Twitter and at Amazon.



If you wish to do a paperback giveaway of your novel, please be aware that you will be responsible for sending a copy to the winner. All giveaways must be available internationally