I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: our beloved Emma Scott has another pen name!!!!


She is releasing her first fantasy book: THE DARK OF THE MOON under E.S. Bell alias.

What you’ll get:

-Paladin a very skilled female warrior;

-deadly (handsome) assassin;

-dark forces;


and all her magical writing skills in a fantasy universe just to sweep you off your feets and make you forget the real world!



Release date: August 15th


Pre-order is only 0,99 cents! ->


Her FB page ->


Goodreads blurb -> 


Help our beloved Emma to spread the word and make this new adventure a success!!!!

Share and be among the firsts to read it!

More in a few days with of course a giveaway as from Friday so stay tuned.


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10 Replies to “Fantasy Lovers: NEW MYSTERIOUS AUTHOR!!!!”

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Yes! I will organize a giveaway from this Friday to the release day if you’re interested. It will be 5 ecopies of the book 😉 I’m dang in the middle of it right now and it’s as good as Sarah J Maas!!!

  1. Just saw this… and I flat-lined. Emma Scott writing this kind of books –> *grabby hands*
    I just finished reading her “The Butterfly Effect” and it was terrific. Gave me all the feelings and this time without any Kleenexes. Okay, not 100% true, but they weren’t that many, I swear!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Well that was my exact reaction Talia! Gimme, gimme LOL I’m reading it right now and it’s really, really good! She put a lot of thoughts into building the universe, the vernacular, etc. Why do I have to work? Oh yes, that’s right, to put food on the table and clothes on my kid’s backs 😉

  2. This sounds awesome! I really love the cover, as well =D

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Faith! 😉

  3. I’m reading SUGAR & GOLD right now and loving it! This sounds exciting!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I loved Suga & Gold and Full Tilt and The Butterfly Project and… well you get the gist of it. So of course I’m super excited as she is writing FANTASY now!!! LOL

  4. Yay, thank you for the info, hon. I LOVE this author. Her Full Tilt Duet is awesome! I’ll check it out. ❤️

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Geybie and if you can help spread the word I’d be really grateful as Emma is trying to launch this one whereas she is in a totally new genre for her. Readers don’t expect her to write fantasy but we (her “entourage”) keep telling her to be cool as we have faith in her 😉 I just know it will be great!

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