Live Early: Devils Don’t Fly by M.H. SOARS



Devil’s don’t Fly by M.H. Soars is now live.


The awaited conclusion to Oliver and Saylor’s story!!!!


I soooo needed to know what happened to these two lovebirds! Mind you the last book ended on a huge cliffy!!!!!




“Have you ever wished to one day wake up and discover all your dreams have come true?

It happened to me and no, it wasn’t the work of a fairy godmother.

My music is playing on the radio, my face is splattered on the cover of every magazine, and I can’t remember how I got there. The cherry on top is discovering the most devilish handsome man I’ve ever met is–wait for it–my husband.

Of all my denied memories, Oliver Best is the hot enigma that confuses me the most. I can’t fight the chemistry, the raw attraction between us. But the question lingers, can I fall in love with him again?”



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