#Blogmas2019 : Day 8 : Best First Work read in 2019 #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends! Today in Blogmas 2019 is about Best First Work. A first work is when the book is the first published by an author. Today’s winner is a book published before 2019 but that resonated deep into my soul. It’s a little jem truly! A List of Cages by Robin Roe After having read […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 7 : Best Contemporary Book of 2019 #BestBookOf2019

Hi dear friends!   Today’s best book of  2019 is my best contemporary book read in 2019! This book is truly unique and will be featured in other categories (that’s how impressed I was by that book). The Reckless Oath We Made by Bryn Greenwood As I will feature the book in other posts, I’ll […]

#Blogmas2019 Day 3 : Best Cover Model of 2019 #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends! Today will be eye candy on the blog! For this third day of our Blogmas 2019 edition I am choosing my favorite cover model! BUT I will also talk about YOUR favorites! The male models you like to stalk and drool on are: Dusan Susjnar : stalk him:  https://www.instagram.com/dusansusnjar/?hl=en Gilberto Fritsch : stalk […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 2 : Best Soul Destroyer of 2019 #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends! This is the second day of the Blogmas2019 challenge, time to choose winners and give my own awards! Don’t forget if you want to participate in one category or another (or all) just use the #Blogmas2019 and I’ll try to spot your posts and show some love! The book does not have to […]

#Blogmas2019 Day 1 : Best YA of 2019 #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends,   Today is the first day of our Blogmas event. I will post every day of December about my Best Book read in 2019 in a different category. By the end of December or rather January 1st I will have a giveaway for one physical copy of one of my best books. I […]

Announcement: Blogmas 2019 will be back in December! #Blogmas2019 #BestBooksOf2019

ANNOUNCEMENT! I have decided to post my “bests of 2019” in December as I did for three years now! From December 1st to December 31st you’ll get to see my “awards” and on January 1st I will have a giveaway. The prize will be one physical copy of one of my winners. Two weeks before […]