What if The Hunger Games happened on Halloween? Blogoween day 2 of level 2.

Hi dear friends, Today is my second day of posting for Blogoween, this event organized by fellow bloggers (Anthony, Kaleena, Camilla, Lauren, Jamsu, Anna, Sam, Chloe & Sophie). Today’s prompt for October 25th is The Halloween Games. Explanation: Halloween-themed Hunger Games hosted by Sophie @bookwyrmingthoughts This one was maybe the hardest of all to come! I […]

Books that left me emotionally crippled! Expect quite a few in YA and Adult! Blogoween Level 2 Day 1

Hi dear friends, Today is my first day participating in this monthly event called Blogoween and organized by a bunch of imaginative bloggers! The main event is hosted at Clo @bookdragon but really every host took turn in imagining the daily topic. I chose to participate in Level 2 meaning that I will post daily […]