Discussion: Let’s talk about book covers! What are the trends? Are they important? What are your favorites?

Hi friends, Today’s discussion post is all about book covers and  their power on us readers. I know it’s said not to judge a book by its cover but how many of you have never one clicked a book simply because you found the cover irresistible? Mmmmmh? No one? I know that I have several […]

This or that cover? And why do covers change with the countries?

Hi dear friends, I did not plan to write a second post today but stumbling upon Kingdom of Ashes cover reveal (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE) made me ponder about the differences in covers. When I was last in London in February I visited Waterstone Piccadilly (some book fan that I met at Starbuck told me Sarah J Maas […]

Top 10 Book Covers Tag

Top 10 Book Covers Tag Some days ago I’ve been tagged by Aneela @themystiquereader to participate in this simple but gorgeous tag. Thank you Aneela! Readers just go to her blog! If you love beautiful colors and gorgeous graphics you’ll be in heaven. Truly it is a feast for the eye. It’s no secret that […]