Maybe I had a bad hair day but today I wanted to bash the haters on Goodreads! Why do they do this??

I had planned of writing my review for Playing with Monsters * hopefully later today* but got sidetracked and went to Goodreads. Now I am FURIOUS! Why do people give 1 STARS when they haven’t read the book because the ARCs are not even available????   Sorry here I try to stay cool and funny […]

Wanted: Young Man for lead role in YA Story. Requisite: see post for details.

Welcome to Sophie’s blog Beware of the Reader We’ve been tasked by the “Autors Association of Fictional Young Adult Stories” to recruit a pool of future main character candidates. Job description -You will be the main character of either a contemporary or fantasy/PNR fictional story. -Some will be booked for standalones others for trilogies or […]

Discussion. Invite Only: When I feel like a sulking teenager relegated to the kiddie pool!

When Sophie is playing Don Quixote   Hi dear friends, If you follow me for some time now you certainly got that I try to see the bright side. I also like to think that I am pretty easy to collaborate with. There is enough drama in real life not to take it here and […]

Warning: rant ahead! When your work is used without giving you credit for.

WARNING: RANT AHEAD!   Must I be furious or flattered?   You often (unfortunately) see authors complaining about someone stealing their work. They have worked hard and I will never condone this! Whatever the reason it will never be right.   Well today I found one of my teasers in another blogger’s review! I would […]

Discussion: social media curse or blessing?

Hi dear friends!   Without a daily challenge for this month I’m back on track with some discussion posts and today I would like to have a chat with you about social media.   Do you think social media are a curse or a blessing? Or both? Do you use them? When and why? Do […]

Discussion: Help me think blog please.

Fellow bloggers and readers, I need your opinion please.   I went for three fantastic weeks on holiday in the US (yes fellow US bloggers I love your country) with my family. Three weeks visiting gorgeous national parks, hiking, horse riding, rafting and ….reading! I had very little blogging activity these weeks and it helped […]