#T4AuthorsChallenge: Emma Scott: shelfie

Last post of the week for Emma Scott and today will be a short one: shelfie!   So far I own these signed! books:   -Rush; -Full Tilt; -All In; -The Butterfly Project; -Forever Right NOw; -In Harmony; -The Dark of the Moon. Not many books missing 😀  And here is my shelfie picture Thanks […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Emma Scott Favorite Quotes

Hi dear friends, Today is one of my favorite days in the challenge as I love quotes! Let’s face it some authors are really gifted with words and I end up highlighting like mad all the time. That’s why today will be not only my favorite quote singular but favorite quotes plural from my favorite […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Emma Scott: Favorite book …Forever Right Now

Hi Dear friends, Fifth day about Emma Scott and today I get to pick my favorite book. Well it’s really difficult as Emma wrote so many good, emotional, brilliant stories but so far there is one toppling the others (The Dark of the Moon aside): Forever Right Now! As you’ve read about Sawyer and Darlene’s […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge : Emma Scott I have two favorite female characters

Hi dear friends, Today is day four with Emma Scott in this challenge and sorry but I could not choose only one favorite female character. Or you could say that I chose one under each of Emma’s pen name. If you did not know it yet Emma not only writes contemporary romance but she is […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Emma Scott…when choosing a favorite male character is a hard battle!

Hi dear friends, I am in my third day of Emma Scott’s week as part of the #T4AuthorsChallenge organized by Collector of Book Boyfriends and Totally Bex. Today was one of the hardest choices of the week alongside the one coming tomorrow. It was nearly a tie! I have several favorite male characters from Emma’s […]

#T4AuthorsChallenge: Emma Scott: latest release …even if technically it’s not really true

Hi dear friends, Second day of “Praising Emma Scott’s books” and I will be cheating today! I know I am a bad bad girl but let me explain. One Good Man was released some weeks ago so should be Emma’s latest release only ….it was part of the Team Player anthology who had been released […]