CLOSED! Signed paperback giveaway! Open international. The Dark of the Moon by E.S. Bell Fantasy fans, go, go, go!

This giveaway is no officially closed! has drawn a winner and she’s been notified.   Thank you to everyone for participating!   Stayd tuned as another giveaway is coming your way today.   E.S.BELL is a brand new fantasy author BUT she is better known under Emma Scott She is offering one signed paperback […]

Interview: E.S Bell

The cat is out of the bag: Emma Scott writes fabulous fantasy! She gives all her secrets and more… Beloved readers,   If you’ve ever wondered how someone could create a whole new world, come with a new language and vocabulary, invent totally imaginary beasts and villains this is your lucky day!   I’m honored […]

Fantasy Review The Dark of the Moon by E.S. Bell Brilliant, magic!

Centuries ago, dragons broke the old world and scattered the pieces across the oceans. On this new world of islands swathed in seas, sailors are kings, and the moon god holds dominion… Selena Koren is the moon god’s most powerful Paladin; a skilled warrior and blessed with the most potent magic. She also bears the […]