First Lines Friday March 9th and I was so tired that I took a nap today!

Hi dear friends, I’m apologizing again as I’ve been very bad at following my feed this week. Work has been really intense like six meetings a day plus a training I had to give so I was exhausted by the evening. I love my job and it’s really interesting but the week has been over […]

First Lines Friday: March 2nd and what the hamster in my head is planning for the weekend!

Hello Dear friends,   Life has been hectic since last weekend with my trip to London! I’ve had tons of stuff to plan for the blog and it’s been a struggle to catch up with you all. I confess that I do like more than I comment these last days as I’m drowning in projects. […]

First Line Friday February 16th and my plans for the weekend

Hello Dear friends,   It’s Friday!!!!!   I really waited for the weekend as I have tons of blogging stuff to catch up with beginning with following, liking and commenting your posts! February is a fantastic blogging month so far with the daily event All About Love but it also was really hard to follow. […]

First Line Friday February 9th and apologies to my blogger friends

Dear friends,   I want to apologize today as I won’t comment and like your posts this Friday. I promise to catch up tomorrow with your incredible posts, First Line Friday included but today I WANT TO READ!!!! I’m engrossed in my pre-ARC of In Harmony by Emma Scott and I just don’t want to […]

First Line Friday January 26 and life update

It’s already the last Friday of January!!!! Life update first I want to apologize to my bloggers friends as I have been scarce liking and commenting these last days. I swear I will catch up this weekend on all your posts but work has kept me busy. I’m also hyper busy working in the shadows […]

First Lines Friday January 19

First Line Fridays is a weekly meme hosted by Hoarding Books. It’s really easy to participate (why do you think I’m doing this duh! 😉 ) all you have to do is take the book you are currently reading and type the first lines. This is my second Friday and I hope to make it a […]