November Wrap Up and The Sunday Post all in one! 12/02/2018

Hi dear friends! Time for our weekly chit chat and as we are done with November I will combine with the monthly wrap up! As usual I will link to Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer. Let’s this show begin with “personal life”. This week has been the most intense and tiring week at work! Not in a bad […]

When I want to end the year on a bang! Oh and back to work full force! The Sunday Post 11/25/2018

Time for our weekly chitchat about life, blog etc. etc. Grab  a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whine whatever you fancy, get comfortable on the couch and let’s have our tête-à-tête. Ready?   As usual I am linking to The Sunday Post @caffeinatedreviewer   First my private life I was back to work […]

Do you also feel like you missed something in your kid’s upbringing? The Sunday Post November 18th

Hi dear friends, Is it Sunday already??? Damn last days of my holiday. I am so not ready to go back to work as I had so much fun 😀  This is the time to chit chat about my week outside the blogging world and on the blog! As usual I am linking to Kimberly’s […]

Record reads this week with an arresting DNF! The Sunday Post 11/11

Hi dear friends, This is already the end of my first week of holiday! The time is really flying by when you have fun 😀 Let’s give some news about my private life first Well as I’ve said I am on holiday but I did went to our capital city for one day to have […]

October Wrap-Up and My Sunday Post November 4th

Hi dear friends, Can you believe October has ended already? Time is really flying by when you have fun! So today I am writing my wrap-up and linking to The Sunday Post from Kimberly @caffeinatedreviews with a weekly recap. First on personal life this week I began my holiday! It was so awaited and I […]

Writing my Sunday post a day early because ….Kingdom of Ash is here and I will be immersed in it this Sunday! The Sunday Post 10/28

Hi dear friends! Time for a little weekly chit chat about how my week went and what happened on the blog. As usual I will link it up with @CaffeinatedReviewer.  I am writing this post on a Saturday as I want to be free on Sunday to read and read and read and ….because my […]