Why living in my top 5 bookish world woud be Such A Bad Idea!

Today in Top 5 Tuesday imagined by Shanah @bionicbookworm she asked us our top 5 worlds we would want to live in. I am very sad to tell you that I came to a dreary conclusion: I would meet a cruel fate in every one of them.   Oh I hear you thinking: What? You […]

I expected a frog but got a prince in its stead! Top 5 books I nearly DNF that ended …wow!

Ever began reading a book that you saw like …everywhere and then 10% or 30% or …in the book you are thinking: What did I do requesting or ordering it? This is SO NOT what I love reading.   I can’t either connect with a character or he or she is grating on my nerves! […]

Fed up with all these hyper hyped books? I am rooting for the underdog: top 5 magical books!

Hi dear friends, Today in Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm we talk about magical books and I want to ask you some questions! Are you: – fed up with seeing the same books recommended or praised again and again? –willing to feel the wind of change *insert The Scorpion’s music here, something young […]

When the foreplay is great but sadly he does not deliver ….Top hyped books that left me disappointed.

It’s been some time now that I came to the sad conclusion that I AM WEAK! Yes weak. You see when I go to Goodreads or Instagram or WordPress and I see many friends raving about a book…they wear me down! I swore: no more! Sophie this month you are on a book ban! You […]

Are you an easy reader or from the grouchy variety? Top 5 hated tropes.

Hi dear friends, Ttoday is top 5 Tuesday at Shanah @bionicbookworm and it came with a shocking realization: I AM EASY!!!! Not an easy lay mind you *or not that I know of* but an easy reader! I was thinking about today’s topic the top 5 hated tropes and then went perusing on other’s post […]

What trope do I have to brandish to convince you to read a book? Yes today we mean business in Top 5 Tuesday

Hi dear friends, Today my brain is officially fried after a long grueling day at the office where I ran like a beheaded chicken between two meetings. In these circumstances it can go both ways on the blog: either you’ll have a very conventional Top 5 where I’ll play by the rules either my overtired […]