Top 5 Contemporary Fiction: so easy peasy!

Hi dear friends, Today’s weekly topic for our Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm is contemporary fiction. Shanah just told us that it’s out of her comfort zone but it’s right up my alley! I read lots of contemporary fiction. Today I’ll try to choose books I don’t speak about all the time but […]

Top 5 (and more) books that lived to the hype

Hi dear friends!!   I’m back in the world of the liking and commenting 😉 Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Shanah @bionicbookworm where we get to gush about a bookish topic of the week! Come and join us. Today’s topic: top 5 books or rather 10 books that lived to the […]

Top 5 and more authors I dream to meet that I have not already met

Hi friends, Today’s topic in  Top 5 Tuesday meme hosted by Shanah’s @bionicbookworm is Top 5 authors I’d like to meet. If you are following me you already know that two weekends ago my dream came true: I met my unicorn authors or at least a good bunch of them at RARE London!!!!! My favorite […]

Top 5 Tuesday: Bookish pet peeves

I’m so behind this week with all my posts for RARE London but I wanted to participate once again in Shanah’s @bionicbookworm weekly meme: Top 5 Tuesday. Especially as today it’s an old favorite of mine that I already posted about in the past: Pet Peeves! So let’s play 😉  So I HATE when:   […]

Top 5 books that made me change my manichean view on LGBTQ and why I don’t want to call them LGBTQ anymore but just LOVE stories

Today is free topic at Top 5 Tuesday the weekly meme hosted by Shanah @bionicbookworm Confession: I’ve been sucker punched by a book today: The Silver Cage by Anonymous I plan on reviewing it tomorrow.   I don’t want to give much details about the plot just know that it will talk about a love […]

Top 5 ships I’ll sail to the ends of the earth

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is about your favorite couples in books. I must confess when I read Shana’s topic (she is the one organizing this incredibly fun weekly meme at bionicbookworm) I was really perplex? A ship? As in a vessel? What did she mean???? I was doomed as I don’t read many books if […]