Weather man or Nostradamus? My top 5 stars predictions today!

Hi dear friends, Today is top 5 Tuesday and with Shanah’s topic of the day I wonder if I’ll be Nostradamus or rather the weather man (woman). In other words will I be spot on or completely wrong in my 5 stars prediction? My year began great with many 5 stars but recently I have […]

Top 5 Tips to Attend or Volunteer to a Book Event! Or Sophie’s bout of Wisdom after her RARE Paris (and London and YALC) adventure!

Hi dear friends! Today Shanah @bionicbookworm gave us a day off from Top 5 Tuesday but as I promised the tale of my adventures at RARE Paris I thought I would begin with my best tips! You will get a second post in the coming days about anecdotes of my experience at RARE Paris.   […]

Top XXL romantic reads! I had a field day today in Top 5 Tuesday!

Hi dear friends! Is it possible to sanctify another human being without being Pope? Because after having cursed Shanah all February and part of March for her choice of topics today I just want to kiss the ground she walks on! Mind you that woman has chosen today’s topic especially for me!!! Best gift ever!!! […]

It’s space opera day on Beware Of The Reader! Top 5 space stories with a surprise for Greg and for Lashaan!

Top 5 books set in space : this is this week’s topic on @bionicbookworm! I thought I would never have five books read set in space to share with you as I am a newbie “space stories” lover but when I looked closer at my shelves I realized that I had read books either set […]

What kind of friendship are you looking for in books? Here is my top 5 and more …

Hi dear friends, Today is Tuseday and it means that: -tomorrow I have a day off work to catch up with you (finally because I had no time at all to even look at my feed and WP reader for two days!); -I had to put the garbage outside as the garbage truck will come […]

Top 5 (and more) books set in countries that I’ve visited or lived in! And why Shanah is determined to torture me …again!

Hi dear friends, Today is Tuesday and that means another Top 5 Tuesday post! Last month was hell for me as Shanah asked us to post about books based on Hogwarts Houses! Well today the torture is going on as she asked for our top 5 books set in our country!   You have to […]