About Me

I fell in love with books when I was a very young child.

My father was always reading in his free time. I was Daddy’s Girl determined to be all grown up. I wanted to read serious books in the sofa! What began as a child’s play morphed into a devouring passion that’s never left me.

I’m very busy, like all working mom with teens and furry friend but a day without reading is a wasted day.

I read every single day, everywhere. I need it as much as breathing. I’ve even mastered the art of readwalking (no bruises yet)! I commute daily and people on the train are used to that mad woman either laughing alone or crying ugly tears.

Friend advice: long hair is a woman’s best friend when reading emotional stories as they can hide your “mascara running” eyes.

I’m so passionate about books that I hide on the gate if I spot some acquaintance just to go on with my read. I don’t want to lose my time chatting on the train. Sorry if you’re one of my friends but that’s the sad truth. I love you but after a long work day the only thing I can think about is resuming my read. If I’m at a turning point in the story or the book is so fascinating that even sleep is overrated don’t interrupt my read! Or proceed with extreme caution as I can easily turn into a ferocious beast.

Really, do you know any other way to be a nurse, an actress, a fairy, a kickass demon huntress or a warrior princess … all in the same week?


I love to share the love that’s why I write reviews since 2013. That year I discovered Goodreads. I was in Heaven. Some place to chat about books with people as obsessed as I was!


When I’m not reading I’m either walking, swimming, baking…or chauffeuring my teenagers. These kids can be demanding and I love them to pieces but I wish they came with a “stop” switch sometimes.


I’m also the proud owner of a dog that’s a real clown and the most photographed member of the family.dog-blog