#BestReadsOf2020 : day 12 Best anti hero

Hi friends,


It’s day 12 of our Best Reads of 2020 and today let’s  talk about anti heroes!


 I don’t know you but sometimes a morally grey, very questionable hero is often much more interesting than the white knight!⁠ ⁠ If you take Kaz Brekker for example, he might be one of the main characters of SoC but he is a thief and a crook! Yet I loved him so much!⁠ ⁠

Another famous anti hero is Rhysand from ACOTAR series.

In the first book he was portrayed as a villain and morphed into the good guy hiding behind his disguise of bad guy!



This year my favorite anti heroes are…

⁠ 💜 Prince Wrath : Prince of Hell yet doing some good in the story and being so protective

⁠“Have you come to verbally spar tonight, or have you changed your mind about the blood bond?’
‘Neither. I’ve come to interrogate you about witch hunters.”
― Kerri Maniscalco, Kingdom of the Wicked


💜 Hawke or Casteel if you prefer. He killed in the book, he is cocky, infuriating but yet so yummy and fun

⁠ “He was both the villain and the hero, the monster and the monster-slayer.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire


Who are some of your favorites? anti heroes this year?


Thanks for reading!



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4 Replies to “#BestReadsOf2020 : day 12 Best anti hero”

  1. Again…both are on my TBR! How do you find time to read so much?!? Busy bee, LOL!

  2. I have such a weak spot for anti heroe’s they are the best!!! I just want to cheer them on in their endeavors. Rhysand is a great one for sure.

  3. These both sound so so good! I’ve not been able to read either of them yet

  4. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books says: Reply

    I love anti-heroes! The morally dubious characters are always the ones I fall in love with and cheer for! lol
    I’ve yet to read either of these but I’m particularly curious about A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire.

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