#BestReadsOf2020 : day 2 Swoon Worthy Hero ! Ronin and Matthew de Clermont

Hi friends,


Today si the second day of our Best Reads of 2020 and we are choosing the most swoon worthy hero!


I have many swoon worthy heroes but let’s play a game first, something that I do on Instagram and see if you like it! 

Shall we? 😉 

You have mistakenly drank a love potion at a party (it might have been at Magnus Bane’s) and the percentage of your battery will tell you which swoon worthy hero you’ll fall in love with:⁠


0-20% Prince Wrath from Kingdom of the Wicked;⁠

21-40% : Lord Ballantine from A Rogue of One’s Own (he is a rake );⁠

⁠ 41-60% Cut from The Not Outcast by Tijan (NHL hockey player with a huge heart and hot! See today’s review);⁠

⁠ 61-80% : Matthew De Clermont from A Discovery of Witches (vampire, sexy, protective and hot professor);⁠

⁠ 81-100%: Ronin or Roe from The Life that Mattered duet (is charming, heroic, selfless and a devil in bed. He also sure knows how to woo a girl and has the most romantic speeches I have ever read!)⁠


So who’s your own hero?


You’ve guessed it all the men and princes mentioned above are on my swoon worthy list this year with an extra fondness for  Matthew De Clermont (vampire gentleman, birlliant and protective) and Ronin who works on a ski patrol to rescue people, is madly in love with Evie and …just….SWOON!⁠


Some quote maybe to ket you grasp why I love these two so much?

“My life now has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Everything before was preamble. Now I have you. One day you will be gone, and my life will be over.”
― Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches


“You’re so damn smart, and it was wrong of me to act like you wouldn’t know exactly what was happening. I was … I am so ashamed that I let it happen to me.” Ronin blew out a slow, shaky breath. “But it did. And I hate that you had to find out like you did. I hate that I was too weak to ask for help. I hate that in my attempt to show so much strength, I bared my biggest weakness.”


Now who are your swoon worthy heroes this year?


Thanks for reading!



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21 Replies to “#BestReadsOf2020 : day 2 Swoon Worthy Hero ! Ronin and Matthew de Clermont”

  1. Seems like I’m getting Ronin/Roe! 😛 Good thing I charged my phone completely before checking out this post? 😀 Or is it actually a bad thing? Hmmm 😛

    1. No no he is amazing Lashaan! At worse as he works on ski patrol you could go skiing with him LOL

  2. Em @ The Geeky Jock says: Reply

    Matthew De Clermont – by the skin of my teeth. Rich. French. Tall. Dark-haired. I’ll take it!

    1. Haa I see that you are a connoiseur Em LOL

      1. Em @ The Geeky Jock says: Reply

        To my great detriment. There aren’t many charming, rich, cultured men in my local dating pool.

  3. So my hero is Cut… Now I know to at least meet him, it would be the polite thing to do, right? And here we go, adding new titles to my TBR, since I want to meet Ronin or Roe, too!

    1. Yes you have to say Hi now Susy LOL

  4. Matthew De Claremont – I havent read this series but interestingly I got the 3 books on ebook for 99p in a sale yesterday so soon I can drool over him too! 3 books for 99p. What a steal!

    1. What are you waiting for Caro???? LOL

      1. More hours in the day!!! Or to give up my job and get paid to read. Oh wouldn’t that be fab?!

  5. Haven’t read either of these books but the heroes does sound swoon worthy. My favorite would be Reid from Serpent and Dove, Zylas from The Demonized series by Annette Marie, Wrath from Kingdom Of The Wicked, and Cerulean from Kiss the Fae By Natalia Jaster.

  6. Every time I see you mention Jewel E. Ann I want to do a facepalm because I *still* haven’t read anything by here. I really need to change that!

    1. You are going to love her tanya and then binge read everything she writes LOL

  7. I have not read either of those books, but I am always looking for swoon

    1. Who doesn’t Sam 😉

  8. Love these quotes. I can see why they hit your favorite list!

    1. Thank you Jacquie!

  9. Beatrice LaRocca says: Reply

    Awesome post! I read the A Discovery of Witches series and the Life series for the first time this year as well. Excellent stories and I agree wholeheartedly with your swoon-worthy assessment of Matthew and Ronin. Loved them both to pieces!

    1. Inever planned to read A Discovery of Witches if not for some bookstagrammer friend who couldn’t stop gushing about it! Best decision ever 😉

  10. I got Ronin or Roe, I need to read that book! So yesterday I used FBAA on Instagram in regards to what book made me cry. And then Arielle texted me heyyyyy I was using FBAA tomorrow for Swoon Worthy Hero, whoops lol! It just works for so many different prompts ♥.

    1. Bwahahahah I have also some books that will come across several time so don’t worry Jen 😉

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