What type of (undercover) romance reader are you? Take the QUIZ ! Romance Awareness Month

Hi friends, Today is the last day or our joint event with Caro @CJRthebrit and Trisy @bobosbookbank to celebrate this month of romance awareness and we wanted to end on a bang with something fun! 😀 If you are already a romance reader or just roll you eyes at the idea of reading romance, just […]

Today we pair our favorite romance authors: what story would they write? Romance Awareness Month

Hi friends, As you have already seen from our other weekly posts since the first Friday of this month, August is the month of romance! And I have teamed up with Caro and Trisy to write different posts about romance! Today we thought we would give you our dream collaboration between romance writers! If we […]

#anatomyofabooknerd “How to be a booknerd 101” through hashtag Humor

Hi friends,   Today’s post is inspired by my creation of bookstagrams. I was ready to upload a picture after having written the caption. When I was choosing my hashtags it struck me that we could learn a lot about us, booknerds, just looking at the hashtags we use! More, I was thinking that often, […]

Our Favorite Characters in romance! Romance Awareness Month!

Hi friends! Today was Trisy’s post idea so lets hear what she has to tell us and fill in with Caro and my favorite characters! The month of August is Romance awareness month! And of course, here at Bobo’s Book Bank, I’m all about the romance. So, I’ve partnered up with blogger buddies Caro from […]

All the reasons why we love reading romance … and why you should too! August is romance awareness month!

August is romance awareness month so move over February and Valentines day because romance celebration is here! Caro, Trisy and I have teamed up for a series of collab posts to guide you through all that is romance! Today we give you our Top Reasons Why You Should Read Romance! The romance genre is often […]

July Wrap Up: my best books of the month and visit to the speech therapist ….. The Sunday Post 08/02/2020

Hi friends, Today is Sunday, time to look back in the rearview mirror and talk about my week in and out of the blog. As usual I am linking up to the Sunday Post hosted for years by Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer . I will also combine with my monthly wrap up for July   In my private life […]