Unicorn Author series #2. Amy Harmon. My top 5 books by Amy Harmon

Hi friends, This is the second post of my weekly series about my unicorn authors and my favorite books they wrote. This week is yet another romance author but next week I swear you’ll get another genre for a change! This will again be no surprise for many of you but I chose Amy Harmon […]

The Incredible Adventures of Vishous the Funko Pop ….or when the COVID played with my nerves

Hi friends! Today I am coming with another post about a custom funko pop but this will be slightly different. Yes you’ll have a step by step of how I did it but you’ll also get the backstage story of the idea behind the funko and the journey it went on!   Birth of an […]

Unicorn author series #1 : Emma Scott. My top 5 books by Emma Scott

Hi friends, I’ve been in a funk these last days and I thought that getting back to my roots would help me get my blogger mojo back! And what better way than to create a weekly series about my unicorn authors, the ones that I will one click the second I learn they have a […]

How was my reading year so far? Winners and losers? Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

I nearly missed doing this tag but lucky for me Jamsu reminded me with her post that June was nearly over and it was high time that I reflect upon my 2020 reading! So what are the winners and the losers so far? Fair warning: I seem to have a hard time choosing only one […]

Meet Your Next Book Heroine : I chose Nina Zenik from Six of Crows #WhoRunTheWorld #giveaway

Hi friends,   As it happens three times a year now, here is a new “Meet Your Next Book”… Last time was about boyfriends but today is ladies day because Ladies kick asses too! And this tour is hosted by Amy @foxyblog ;  Angelica @collectorofbookboyfriends and me 😀 What can you expect in this post? […]

You are a blogger, a writer a … do you have a duty to SPEAK UP? Discussion

Hi friends,   I hesitated to post about today’s discussion topic as I guess I will get some heated comments back but I have never shied away from a good discussion so let’s delve into it.   What triggered today’s post was the death or rather ,the killing, of George Floyd and all the reactions […]