Discussion: The Art of Blogging in the Rain. How to go on when the sky is dark.

Hi dear friends,   I know that today I’ve made a wordplay with Garth Stein’s book title “The Art of racing in the Rain” (that you should absolutely read by the way) but it was too tempting as the topic is: How do you go on blogging when you feel exhausted and under water? The […]

Discussion: Are you too old to read and/or blog about YA books? What do you think of reading outside your age genre?

Hi dear friends, This week I am back with another discussion topic: age and reading genre! When I talk with colleagues or superiors and tell them that I am a book blogger they expect of me to read “very serious and adult” books. When I explain that I read romance, their eyebrows go a smidge […]

I nominate ….Third Annuel Book Blogger Award 2019

Hi dear friends! This post is totally inspired by Meeghan’s post as she made me aware that Book Bloggers Awards are back! This is the third annual awards and this year May @ Forever and Everly will be running them.  You can read about the award and know about the different categories HERE. Nominations are […]

Discussion: do social media make it impossible for an author to do right?

Hi dear friends, Some weeks ago on the taboo topics discussion, Katie from @nevernotreading commented with the very arresting: “I think it’s tough for writers right now, because we have kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” culture thriving on twitter right now. If you ignore a taboo topic, you’re ostracized. […]

Discussion: should we give books 5 stars? And if you do, what’s important for you?

Hi dear friends,   Today’s discussion topic is a “lighter” one! It’s been triggered by some teacher of my daughter as she “never gives 100% (or 20/20)  as perfection is impossible and there is always room for improvement!”. It made me think of our rating system. 5 stars is her “100%” and if we follow […]

Discussion: should authors write about taboos? And how? With warnings or not? Do your read books with taboo?

Hi dear friends,   I am back this week with another discussion topic inspired by one of your reactions on last week’s discussion: Authors, the good, the bad and the ugly. I really liked what Tanaz Masaba wrote last week: “I am probably going to disagree on the “if you do not like, do not […]