Fearless? Terrorized? Realistic?.. Book recommendations for every Covid19 profile

Hi friends, I have been silent on the blog since the beginning of this week as I just wanted to read! Seems to me the Covid crisis is affecting everyone one way or another! From people laughing in the face of the virus to the one going full conspiration theory and hunkering lowin their bunker. […]

When grocery shopping is worthy of West Point! Get ready to strategizinge for a battle!

Hi friends,   Today I wanted to write some fun and short post to lighten the mood amidst the doom and gloom that Covid 19 is! It was inspired by my latest shopping expedition when I thought that I was really planning this all grocery buying like I would go to battle! Something that used […]

DIY : How to make your own Custom Funko? Bookish Funko Pop 101

Hi friends, You may have noticed that since five weeks now I feature some funko pop that I have customized to make them look like my favorite bookish characters. Today I want to explain how you can make your own or at least, how I did it. As I see it, there are three options […]

March TBR … How so it’s already one week in the month??? And your point is?

Hi friends, I KNOW that there is already one week gone this month but as time is flying by between Corona virus crisis, helping friends to write their book and making funko pop well, I had no time to post this! Anyway as usual this is a tentative TBR as it will depends of: -Some […]

My Top Reads of January and …why you should read them!

Hi friends,   Today is the last day of January and instead of doing a long recap post, I chose to post about my favorites this month AND do a little “If you loved this you’ll love that” with them. I hope that it will help you decide if some of them are just the […]