How was my reading year so far? Winners and losers? Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

I nearly missed doing this tag but lucky for me Jamsu reminded me with her post that June was nearly over and it was high time that I reflect upon my 2020 reading! So what are the winners and the losers so far? Fair warning: I seem to have a hard time choosing only one […]

Meet Your Next Book Heroine : I chose Nina Zenik from Six of Crows #WhoRunTheWorld #giveaway

Hi friends,   As it happens three times a year now, here is a new “Meet Your Next Book”… Last time was about boyfriends but today is ladies day because Ladies kick asses too! And this tour is hosted by Amy @foxyblog ;  Angelica @collectorofbookboyfriends and me 😀 What can you expect in this post? […]

7 Books you and your kids should read to avoid spewing stupidities and hate or more on Twitter … and elsewhere

Hi friends, Today’s post has been motivated by three “triggers”. Lashaan @bookidote question for me in the Neat Book Award : is there a cure for stupidity?; Alexandra @TheWryWriter telling she was fed up with Twitter and its hate, seriously considering to stop blogging; The awful events happening in the US now but also for […]

Why as a true bookworm I ALWAYS buy more books ….without guilt! #discussion #humor

Hi friends, Being on WordPress, Instagram and Goodreads I notice a common trend about us, bookworms: we ALWAYS buy more books! And sometimes we’ve been on such spree that we are forced to go on Book Ban! That’s a dreadful word that I loathe! Book ban? What’s that ridiculous word? Disney Princess GIF from Disney […]

Fearless? Terrorized? Realistic?.. Book recommendations for every Covid19 profile

Hi friends, I have been silent on the blog since the beginning of this week as I just wanted to read! Seems to me the Covid crisis is affecting everyone one way or another! From people laughing in the face of the virus to the one going full conspiration theory and hunkering lowin their bunker. […]

March TBR … How so it’s already one week in the month??? And your point is?

Hi friends, I KNOW that there is already one week gone this month but as time is flying by between Corona virus crisis, helping friends to write their book and making funko pop well, I had no time to post this! Anyway as usual this is a tentative TBR as it will depends of: -Some […]