Maybe I had a bad hair day but today I wanted to bash the haters on Goodreads! Why do they do this??

I had planned of writing my review for Playing with Monsters * hopefully later today* but got sidetracked and went to Goodreads. Now I am FURIOUS! Why do people give 1 STARS when they haven’t read the book because the ARCs are not even available????   Sorry here I try to stay cool and funny […]

Did your mom raised you right? Etiquette in the bookish world….

Here comes my biweekly listicle about blogging, reading and reviewing.   This week topic has been spurred by some latest bad behaviors I heard of while surfing on Facebook, chatting with friends or reading posts. Maybe this is related to me being a mom and having to raise kids (nearly adults now) but I’m sometimes […]

Long VS short, thick vs thin. What’s your preference or does size matter ….

In a review  😀   Take your mind out of the gutter!  We’re speaking about serious stuff here!   Reviews are gold to authors. They can launch a career attracting flocks of readers or drown a book they’ve sweat many hours on. They’re also the reader’s “light in the night” when he wants to choose […]