#Blogmas2019 : Day 31 : My Year in Books #BestBookOf2019

This is the end …. And that’s when I want to play Skyfall by Adele LOL   Last day of our Blogmas2019, daily posts and I did it alongside several of you! Lucy, Tanya, Em, Talia, HeroesinBooks, Lydia, Mae… thank you for playing with me! Today is all about our past year. What does your […]

As if you needed more of my fav this month … My Best Books of the Decade!

What are your best books of the decade?  Hi friends, Tomorrow will be the last day of a decade! I can’t believe it but …time is flying by! I have seen other bloggers choosing their best books for the decade and I thought it was a brilliant idea! All the books that you will find […]

#Blogmas2019 Day30 : Best of the Bests #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends, Today is THE day in this blogmas to tell me: what was (were) your best book read in 2019? 🤔⁠ Choosing one book among the more than 128 that I have read this year would be impossible. Every time someone asks me to choose I feel like choosing my favorite kid! So you’ll […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 29 : Best swoon worthy reads. #BestBookOf2019

Hi dear friends, We are nearly at the end of this daily challenge! And today, as a romance blogger I am very pleased to talk about swoon worthy books! What’s a “swoon worthy” read? I don’t think there is an official definition somewhere but I chose to freely translate this in a romantic story. So […]

Christmas at Sophie’s home: nursing dog, encouraging students and entertaining the in law. The Sunday Post 12/29/2019

Hi friends, This is the last Sunday post of a decade!!!!!! As usual I am linking back to Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer who has so far hosted more than 400 Sunday posts! She is kickass! In my privatle life First thing first: MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! Merry Christmas GIF from Merrychristmas GIFs How was your […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 28 : best books to make a movie! #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends,   Already day 28 of this blogmas and I wanted to talk about the books I’d dream to see made into movies! Yes yes I know, the book is always better but there are some exceptions, the best one being Harry Potter for me or The Hunger Games. So, provided that the cast […]