Fearless? Terrorized? Realistic?.. Book recommendations for every Covid19 profile

Hi friends,
I have been silent on the blog since the beginning of this week as I just wanted to read!
Seems to me the Covid crisis is affecting everyone one way or another!
From people laughing in the face of the virus to the one going full conspiration theory and hunkering lowin their bunker.
That diversity of answers and moods inspired today’s post.
I have a list of of recommendations for “Covid” profile!

If you are a devil may care...

You know you laugh in the face of the virus. That’s just a little virus like the flu! Même pas peur! Bring it on, do your worst! Well I know a Prime Minister who shook hands and laughed only now he is in intensive care so maybe you should reconsider…Just saying!
You will want books with fearless heroes!

I would go with these badass characters:


Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas ; Secondborn by Amy Bartol; The Dark Artifices by Alexandra Bracken ;

Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff ( you’ll even have sarcasm with the kickass Miss Fresh); Kill the Queen series by Jennifer Estep.

If you are the manipulative and lying type,

the one to tell everyone that it’s only the flu then say it’s like a war days after. You follow it by spewing non verified information about possible treatment, not bothering to say it should not be taken without medical supervision, killing some innocent believers in  the process but, who cares right? And then when you realize most people have stopped working and gone into lockdown you fear for the economy and what it will do for your precious investments so you declare that we are nearly out of the woods and people should get back to work ( again if a few thousands die in the process who cares?).

Then these books with manipulative and hidden villains should be your jam:

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard; One of Us is Lying by Karen Mc Manus; Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth; Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan.

If you are the conspirationist theory type.

You’ve been preparing for years! You amassed cans of food, water and lots and lots of toilet paper ( see you were really smart!). Now you are hunkering low in your bunker. It’s your time to shine!
I would recommend dystopian books! The bigger the disaster, the better!

Try these:

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion; The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; The Scourge by AG Henley; Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi; The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken ; Angelfall by Susan Ee

If you are paralyzed by fear.

You really think this is the end of the world and everyone is the enemy! You sneeze once and you have it! Your neighbor’s cat can’t enter your house anymore because it could be contagious! You wash your hands fifty times a day and douse them in alcohol, wearing gloves inside your house. You see monsters everywhere and hallucinate. Big yellow blobs with tears don’t exist to eat you alive I swear!

Then you should feel a kinship with these characters:

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard; Greyson by Lisa Eugene; Find You in the Dark by Meredith A Walters

If you feel like a pendulum.

With huge mood swings. One day you are hopeful and believe this is the last day of the virus. You go outside and smile brightly to everyone, even that old grumpy neighbor. Then just a few hours later you fall in a pit of despair. This will never end. We will all die.

You will recognize yourself in these reads:

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven; When We Collided by Emery Lord; Real by Katy Evans.

And if you are resigned to your lot.

Trying not to fall into depression nor ignoring the threat. You watch the news just once to keep informed but then put yourself in a bubble wrap to stay sane and hopeful. You dutifully follow the lockdown orders but look for some bright side every day. You need something warm and comforting. Something easy to read, something really engrossing that will take your mind elsewhere and with guaranteed HEA.

You should read:

Bossman by Vi Keeland; Red Winter by Annette Marie; The Hook Up by Kirsten Callihan; The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang; Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre ; #Nerd by Cambria Herbert

If you are the jokester.

The one determined to make everyone laugh to cheer others up. Because let’s face it in dire situation and dark places, humor will save us all!

Then you need these romcom:

Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar; Naked Love by Jewel E Ann; Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey; Writing Mr Right by TK Leigh; Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella; A Reason to Kill by CP Smith ( nearly peed my pants because I was laughing so hard!)


Now do tell me if you fit one of these types!


Thanks for reading!



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33 Replies to “Fearless? Terrorized? Realistic?.. Book recommendations for every Covid19 profile”

  1. Fantastic post! I’m both devil May care and conspirationist theory type.
    Great recommendations!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Oh like a Gemini LOL

  2. Fun profiles, Sophie! It’s actually quite sad to see what kind of profiles actually exists during this pandemic. Great recs too! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  3. I love these! I am definitely the “resigned to your lot” type and your choices are perfect because BOSS MAN is one of my most favorite books!

  4. I’ve read more books from the conspirationist category, but I can’t say I was prepared. Nearly out of TP when this all began!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Ha damn! I think one lesson is that everyone will have loads of TP in the forseeable future Teri!

  5. Great post. I love how you have a rec for pretty much every mood. I’m definitely preferring the lighter, fluffier reads these days.

  6. I like your bookish recommendations based on how you deal with the corona virus. It sure seems there are a lot of different ways to react to this. I mostly try to stay cautious, and positively resigned if that’s a thing. It varies it a bit from moment to moment. I try not to watch too much news and instead lose myself in a good book. I already Kill the Queen from your list. The Red Winter series is on my to-read list.

    1. I just realize I worded that a bit, but I meant I try to stay positive, but also a bit resigned.

    2. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Positively resigned is a thing Lola! That’s also me because I can’t change things (except help by following the guidelines) so I try to make the best of it!

  7. I have many of these! Funny that Hunger Games is on your list. I just pulled the series off my shelf to reread. I loved them!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I hope you’ll love them as much now than at that time Laura!

  8. I love the look of Kill the Queen! She totally looks badass. And The scourge too. Awesome. But yeah- such a roller coaster of emotions with this thing. Sometimes up, sometimes down right? Fun post. 🙂

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Exactly! Like life Greg!

  9. Tanya Atkinson says: Reply

    Based on book choice alone, I guess I’m resigned to my lot. LOL I really liked Bossman (it surprised me by how emotional it got me at the end), and The Kiss Quotient, and The Hook Up. And Hollywood Dirt has been on my TBR for a long time.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Tanya Hollywood Dirt is just amazing!

  10. You chose the perfect books for each section. I love them. 🙂 🙂

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Lili!!!!

  11. There are some good recommendations here! I still need to read Red Winter!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Kayla! And I hope you’ll love it!

  12. ooh such a fun post!! I think I’m either the mood swing one or the one laughing because I need memes to get me through this lol! I still need to read Kill The Queen and I think I have Real on my TBR from forever ago!! Great post 🙂

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Jamie!

  13. I LOVE your list!! there’s a little for each type of person, I appreciate that SO much! I love The Darkest Minds, I think conspirationist theory type is my stack and now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Sofii!

  14. Great post! I’m probably pendulum, but lean more towards the paralyzed with fear. I have a bad immune system and crappy lungs, so it freaks me out a lot.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I hope you’ll be spared by this nasty virus then!

      1. Thank you! My husband and I were both really sick the month of December. Makes me wonder.

        1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

          Ha I hope you will be immune !

  15. Alexandra @bookblurbca says: Reply

    Oh, I am so glad to see you weren’t blogging because you were reading and not for something serious, Sophie! I got a little worried there, for a moment, as you post regularly. And what a fun post, I love the idea of books reflecting the different personalities. I wonder which one I would fall under? ☺️

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Mmmm I don’t know Alexandra LOL And yes I realized people would probably wonder where I disappeared!

  16. Awesome post! I’m somewhere in between The Devil May Care, The Pendulum, and the Jokester haha. And I still need to read the Kiss Quotient (I feel like I’ve been saying that forever!)

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Bwahahaha well I guess it depends from day to day Brittany!

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