Meet Your Next Enemies to Lovers ! Calla and Jonah from The Simple Wild by KA Tucker and a #Giveaway

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Today we are back with other bloggers for a round of “Meet Your Next” and the topic is “Enemies to Lovers”

And this tour is hosted by Amy @foxyblog ;  Angelica @collectorofbookboyfriends and me 😀

What can you expect in this post?

First who’s having fun with us as we have other blogger friends wanting to share their favorite ladies with you!

Then me gushing about today’s favorite and finally, a giveaway!

First thing first, the tour lineup

October 5 

Beware of the Reader

Calla and Jonah from The Simple Wild by KA Tucker

October 6



October 7

The Book Disciple

Serena and Junior from Ruthless Princess by Rachel Van Dyken 

October 8

Book Babes Unite

Naomi & Nick from You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

October 9

Bobo’s Book Bank

Erika Fane and Michael Crist from Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

October 12

Foxy Blogs 

Drew and Anna from The HookUp by Kristen Callihan

October 13

CJR The Brit

Cardan and Judy from  The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

October 14

Let’s Read Romance

Broken Kingdom by Ashley Jade

My choice is Calla and Jonah from The Simple Wild by KA Tucker!

I had so much fun reading that book thanks to that enemies to lovers relationship!

The banter, the pranks ….It was irresistible!

It was a real pleasure not only to witness Calla’s growth but above all else, to enjoy her banter with Jonah!

I love a good enemies to lovers and again, we all agreed that this trope was extremely well done!

“Hell. Six other pilots available and I had to be the one to get you,” Jonah mutters to himself.
… “ ‘Don’t worry, Calla.’ ‘It’s no big deal, Calla.’ That’s what a decent person would say,” I mumble.
“I’m here to get your high-maintenance little ass to Bangor, not soothe your ego.”
― K.A. Tucker, The Simple Wild

Jonah was an instant favorite! What’s not to like in a big and muscled Alaskan pilot, determined to help everyone in the community and delivering medicine or much needed necessities to the remotest places in extremely difficult conditions sometimes. Alaska and planes were his life! Let’s also add that under his very bushy beard he was extremely handsome!

Jonah gives as good as he gets and if he played some pranks on Calla she had her revenge! I was giggling so many times at their antics! My favorite moment when she decided that “Yetis is NOT a style” and decided to take things in her own hands when Jonah was unaware. I am not giving more details here as I don’t want to spoil your fun but if you have read that story, you’ll know what I mean!


When they fall for each other, it was hot and fun too!

“I’m now unmistakeably attracted to the yeti.”


Last note here: reading about all the work and extend these pilots went to deliver their goods made me think about my own behavior when I order online. I would love for you to ponder on what Calla said:

“It was a long and tiring day of teeth-gritting landings on bumpy airstrips that are nothing more than dirt roads, isolated by thousands or miles of mostly inhabited land in every direction. Almost every trip today was to meet villagers to hand off essential supplies that had been ordered weeks before. They’d thank Jonah for coming, even though most of them had been waiting by those airstrips for hours. (..)

And all I kept thinking about as I smiled at that guy was how many times I’ve ordered makeup or clothes online, only to feel utterly disappointed when I arrive from work and find it not delivered.”


Did I convince you about them?

Enter our giveaway

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What is your favorite enemies to lovers story?

Thanks for reading!


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27 Replies to “Meet Your Next Enemies to Lovers ! Calla and Jonah from The Simple Wild by KA Tucker and a #Giveaway”

  1. Love this! I haven’t read K.A. Tucker in a long time, sounds like the perfect book to pick up! 🙂

  2. Oh I LOVE enemies-to-lovers stories, so I’ll need to check this one out for sure!

    1. You will love it Lindsey!

  3. The Simple Wild will always be a most favorite of mine, also loved book 2 Wild at Heart, and so looking forward to Forever Wild!!!

    1. Same!! I can’t wait!

  4. Oh gosh, this book is still sitting on my TBR and now I REALLY need to read it. I need to meet Calla and Jonah!

    1. Yes you do Suzanne! 😉

  5. I am always on the lookout for a wonderful enemies to lovers and this is still an author I need to read.

    1. You will love it Renee!

  6. I adored Calla and Jonah so much. They went from frosty to fire and I loved it!

    1. They were amazing!

  7. thebrowneyedbookworm says: Reply

    They are one of my most favorite couple!! Well chosen Sophie!

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

    1. Thank you Corina!

  8. What a fab book thst sounds and great post!

    1. Thank you Caro!!

  9. Enemies to lovers is the best trope. Nobody can convince me otherwise! 😉

    1. That’s such fun for sure Stephanie!

  10. What a great pick, Sophie! I really loved The Simple Wild and Calla + Jonah were so perfectly matched. I loved the she gave as good as she got. And Jonah was the perfect grumpy alpha. 🙂

    1. So true Tanya! I laughed so much!

  11. I loved The Simple Wild but my favorite would be The Hating Game. It was hilarious and sexy!

    1. I still need to read that one Raven!

  12. I read and enjoyed Meet Cute by Helena Hunting; Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren; Dear Enemy by Kristen Callihen; The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa and The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

    1. These are all fantastic stories!

  13. They will always be a top favorite for me! I am so excited to get a little more of them!

  14. Awesome post, Sophie!! <3

    1. Thank you Angy!

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