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You may know (or not) that I have a Facebook Page under “Beware Of The Reader” but I also united forces with a fantastic Lady, Angy (Angelica) from Collectors of Book Boyfriends to create a FB Group: Beware, Book Boyfriends Alert!

The purpose of the group is to chat with members about all book related topics, have games, takeovers by authors with giveaways etc.

This week we’ve passed the 1000 members! We are overjoyed Angy and me and we decided to have a celebration giveaway.

As we wanted to make it interesting, we decided to post our respective Top 10 Books read in 2018 so far. We’ve got the help of Ralou, one of Angy’s crew member.

So 3 lists with Top 10 2018 books!


I wanted to share my Top 10 Books read in 2018 so far here! You’ll also get a link to our group at the end of the post if you’d like to participate in the giveaway!


First let’s state something here: the order of the books doesn’t matter. They are all on my top 10, in no particular order!


The Boy and His Ribbon by Pepper Winters is part of a duet that has been deeply emotional and just fantastic!

This is the story of Ren and Della through the span of ten years. How they met, what they faced, how they protected each other. Every low and every up. Every hope and every despair. Every moment of innocent joy and every lust filled thoughts.

Told in dual POV with Della writing her story for a school assignment it had an enthralling quality.

You have to go into this story with an open mind. You have to believe in something that’s hardly believable. Don’t shy away. Don’t be picky and think it’s just impossible. Just go with the flow and let the story lull you into its depth.

Ren is deeply protective of Della and that’s the kind of hero that I love!

“Good girl,” I whispered. “You’re very brave.” The transformation in her entire body blinded me. A smile spread. Cheeks pinked. Spine straightened. Any sign of sickness and starvation from living in the wild deleted, all because of one morsel of praise. There was a key in that. A message that all humans—tiny or ancient—needed nutrition in the form of love as well as everything else.

If you want to read the whole review…/ 


The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is simply one of these magic stories where everything works perfectly together!


This is the most appropriate word to describe this 5 stars read.

This story simply is a little gem. Essentially character driven, the writing is light, charming, funny and just right.

Stella is a touching female character. Stella is Asperger and it means that as much as she is brilliant with numbers and econometrics she really is socially awkward.

Stella is a very determined young woman. She WANTS to overcome her fears.
When her mother asks for grand-children Stella is determined to satisfy her wish. She “just” has to get better at sex to be able to entice a potential mate.
What better way to improve than to have lessons by a professional escort right?😂😂😂

Special mention to the dialogs!

Stella being unable to lie and quite “direct” it gave some little gems, especially as Michael had no idea she was Asperger!

If you want to read the whole review go…/


I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios has been recommended by another blogger and I fell head over heels in love with this YA story!

(6 stars!)


Some book quote you’ve probably seen says “One book a day keeps reality away” well this is just what happened here!

For two days I lived in the middle of nowhere California. In a small town filled with trailers and teenagers drinking too much just to forget how depressing their lives could be. I had a job at Marge’s motel renting themed rooms to hippies or truck drivers.

I came back home to a trailer smelling of cigarette smoke and beer. Witnessed my mom losing her job and drowning into depression. Despairing as once more like when I was twelve I would have to take care of her. I would have to find a way to help her and yet fulfill my dream: escaping this small hick town.

This story trapped me into its clutches and never let me go even to breathe.

I loved Heather Demetrios’s writing.

It’s real, raw, solid. Descriptive but not flowery. Straight like an arrow. It sucks you in the middle of her story and the character’s lives.

If you want to read the whole review go…/


Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott has gutted me!!!! I was exhausted, emotional, sad yet amazed!


This epic love and friendship story will push you through your limits. It will frustrate you. It will hurt you. It will also fill you with so many beautiful emotions you won’t be able to contain them. Read this with a survival kit composed of: ice cream, alcohol, tissues and punching bag. It is also best to protect your E-reader with the latest and bulkiest case or have a good insurance.

My emotions and reactions while reading the book

It went like this:

–30% in the book “Emma I HATE love triangle. I can’t do this this is pure torture! I want “him” to get the girl!”

–65% in the book ” I get it now! This is a love story. Love like friendship and love like romance!”

–95% “oh no!, oh no! Don’t do this to me Emma Scott​ please this is inhuman! I curse you but it so beauuuuuutiful…”

–100% in the book and past the sneak peek….”You are killing me! And I am crying on the street now. And weeks is too long to wait for the next one. And….I love you Emma even when you make me hurt and cry and curse you!”

If you want to read the whole review go…/


Pestilence by Laura Thalassa was nothing like I expected but a fantastic discovery and I can’t wait for book 2 in this series!

First sign this book would be exceptional: my friend Raven from @readingaddiction gave it a very good review. So far I’ve noticed that I loved all the books she has recommended.

Second sign: I was unable to put it down. Even when unexpected ARCs landed on my Kindle and I had a total of 7 days to read 4 ARCs did I not stop reading before reaching the end.

Third sign: it surprised me! I did not expect this happening in our modern world! I thought it would happen in Antiquity ( mind you the Four Horsemen are a belief from the Bible!).

Then I had no idea Laura Thalassa would make me like Pestilence and see all his character’s development whereas he still killed innocent people and kids. I should have hated him yet I didn’t!

This story is the perfect blend of action and character driven story!

“I came to conquer this land and its people, but instead, one of its people conquered me.”

If you want to read the whole review go…/


The Silver Cage by Anonymous just left me shell-shocked yet mesmerized!

This book was the one to send me over the edge and see “LGBTQ” literature for what it is: love stories. Pure and simple. No gay no lesbian no…I don’t want to label them M/M or F/F or… anymore because it’s just love.
Gone my preconceived ideas about the genre.
They have been reduced to ashes by Red Feather Lakes lightning.

This story is about being trapped by your beliefs and upbringing.
It’s about wearing a mask your own life. Feeling like wearing clothes you outgrew decades ago.
It’s about the fear of being rejected would people really get to know you.
About guilt. So much guilt it nearly drives you insane.
About redemption that you crave but believe you don’t deserve
… and would probably never come.

It’s a powerful and tragic story. Filled with incredible amounts of suffering. Yet it’s written in such fashion that it feels just real. Not overdone. Not exaggerated.

If you want to read the whole review go…/


Secondborn by Amy Bartol has made me meet one of my utmost favorite badass heroine: Roselle St Sismode!

I want to be Roselle when I grow up! She is an exceptional fighter and she has a ginormous heart. She will follow her heart and morale even against order. Gasp! A Secondborn MUST always follow the orders! Well our Roselle is a rebel!

Of course you have a love story. What would be Amy’s book without a hottie right? Better as it’s sale seasons you have two hotties. One will be her “mentor/arms dealer ”Clifton Salloway. He is a Firstborn. The second is panty dropping Secondborn conscript Hawthorne Trugrave. He is handsome, he is cocky and he is the best in class. Added perk he is alpha and possessive but without overcrowding Roselle.

The plot has also earned a special mention as it’s filled with twists and turns.

To sum it up: excellent fiction story portraying the journey of a badass female character trying to forge her own path, change the world and protect those she loves. The pace is just right and surprises keep coming avoiding a predictable plot.

If you want to read the whole review go…/


Ryan’s Bed by Tijan has been exhausting and gorgeous at the same time!

I wanted…so many things.

I was a boiling mess with deep emotions churning in my belly ready to explode in a vomit of screams and rant.

That’s when you know the author did a brilliant work.

Tijan got me all in the story. Guts, heart and soul. Whole. With my leaky eyes. With my table filled with tissues. With my dog looking all frightened at her moma crying because Mackenzie and all this family HURT.

Kudos to you Tijan because you tackled some really heavy topics here: grief, suicide, death and all the ways to Sunday to cope or not with it. You wrote that this book changed you. I can tell you it overflowed me like a tidal wave of sadness. By the end of my read I was stunned by unforeseen twists the biggest being the ending and I’ve been left with a whole new appreciation of your talent. I already loved your books but now you’ve really won my utmost respect for the intelligence and the raw truth of this story.

If you are interested, whole review 👉…/


Atticus by Sawyer Bennett was a top emotional, fresh and feel good story!

I cried when Atticus was lost and miserable.

I huffed and puffed when Hazel was such a mess.

I smiled when Hazel decided to save Atticus and that no one would hurt him. Over her dead body!

I laughed at Atticus shenanigans as it reminded so much of my dog.

I cried again when some moving moments happened in the book.

I rejoiced each time Hazel achieved something.

I ….


This is a feel good and insightful coming of age story.

One that will leave you all warm and fuzzy inside.

One that will make you want to adopt Atticus or at least follow him on IG.

Just to give you a taste of the world through Atticus eyes, here is what he thought when Hazel rescued him

“When the woman appeared, I thought I would just die from pure happiness that someone had found me. She looked nice, although she smelled a little stale. She also smelled… unhappy. All I know is she had me out”

If you want to read the whole review go…/


A Shot in the Sark by L.J. Stock was an ugly cry and an exceptional read!

This book has been highly recommended by my friend Michelle Chen
Her selling pitch was a mix between Full Tilt and The Sweet Gum Tree.
How could I resist especially when Michelle has never stirred me wrong so far?

I went in blind not even reading the blurb
That’s usually the best way for me to experience a book on blind faith trusting my friends

Six boxes of used tissues later and red rimmed eyes I can honestly say that Michelle was right and that it will not be my latest LJ Stock book!

This book is essentially character driven. And what fabulous characters!

The purpose of the story is about a path you have to walk. It’s about the twists that cruel mistress we call Fate can impart upon you.
It’s about resilience and second chance.

LJ Stock’s writing flowed effortlessly. I was not reading a story I was living another’s life.

I cried buckets once more in the train and of course just before work when I was all doled up with mascara and all.
I smiled. I swooned. I hurt. I rejoiced. In one word: I felt.

If you want to read the whole review go…/


If you want to enter our giveaway, just go to

What are your top 10 books read in 2018 so far?


Thanks for reading!




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24 Replies to “My Top 10 Books read in 2018 so far AND a Giveaway on BBBFA!”

  1. Oh how I love top 10/best of lists! I’m a sucker for a good list. 🙂
    Couldn’t agree more with The Kiss Quotient and with I’ll Meet You There. The Kiss Quotient was just precious and I’ll Meet You There made a huge impact on me. With The Boy & His Ribbon I have such conflicting emotions. I never have written a review for it. I read it during a very difficult time and I think that really had an effect on my opinion of the story. So my feelings for that one are just a messy ball of emotions.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I know Tanya the Boy and his Ribbon can have a profound impact. Maybe one day you’ll feel strong enough to write the review 😉 xx

  2. Loved the post.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thanks Priyasha 😉

  3. The Kiss Quotient and I’ll Meet You There are both books on my TBR that I cannot wait to get to! I also have a friend who is crazy about Pepper Winters so one day I am going to read a book by that author… Glad you’ve read so many great books this year ^.^

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Me too Olivia and just read the Kiss Quotient! 😉

  4. Congrats on the FB group going so well! I’ve heard great things about some of these from other bloggers, and I just bought Pestilence the other day, so I’m glad to see it on the list!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Kristen I can’t wait to read your thoughts about Pestilence! And thank you!!

  5. This is a great list! Congratulation on 1000 followers! 🙂

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you so much Raven!!!

  6. Congratulations, Sophie!!!!!!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you so much Flavia and welcome LOL

  7. Congrats on 1000! Some of your favorite books sound amazing.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you so much AJ!

  8. Congrats on 1000 members!!

    I also love how eclectic your choices are!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you and thank you Janine!!!

  9. Wow. You really put together an amazing post. Several of these books are on my radar and I just recently started Atticus.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Oh Laura I can’t wait to read your thoughts about Atticus!!

  10. Great picks Sophie and your graphics are so beautiful!Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you so much Susan! <3

  11. The Kiss Quotient is the only one I have read (so far), and it’s place on your list is well deserved. I hope to get to a few more of these, because they are authors I love and I even own a few of them.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Well Sam you’ll tell me if I was right then 😉

  12. I have to do a post of my top 10 for this year so far. Great idea. I love your picks and why!


    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Mary! I am curious to read your list 😉

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