November has been my best reading month so far! Wrap Up and the Sunday post

Hi friends,

It’s Sunday and the first day of December so I’ll combine the Sunday Post with the November Wrap-Up! As usual I’ll be linking back to Kimberly @caffeinatedreviewer hosting The Sunday Post.

But first of all, I want to apologize! If I visited everyone who commented last week I was not able to answer to your comments! This is the first time this happened to me but I had a hard work week and I was busy orgabizing Christmas etc.

So I am very very sorry guys!!!

In my private life

As I said this week has been heavy work wise. Things are moving at work, people changing jobs and it sometimes gets emotional when it was not what people expected…

I am also trying to organize Christmas knowing that my family decided that I would host it on December 24th but the only problem is that I am working that day!

I can’t begin to cook something elaborate!

Add to it that my kids and husband are now vegan but the grand mothers are not …. This makes it like a puzzle trying to please everyone while not asking for too much time on my side! I decided to order food but even that is complicated as my son wants something different than the others. Gah!!!!!

Then there is the hunt for all the gifts but …these are petty problems as that means tha I still have a family to celebrate Christmas with and enough money to spoil them!

The good news is that I officially set the Christmas tree yesterday! Yup all decorated and shiny. 😀

Any way add to it being busy to prepare Blogmas 2019 (first post later today) and organizing a blog hop by the end of the year so, here are the reasons why I did not reply to last Sunday’s comments!

PS I just noticed that today I have 666 followers on WordPress! Should I expect something hot happening?

On the blog this month (click on the graphic to read the post)

November has been a fantastic month reading wise!!! I have reviewed 13 books and read two more (review coming next week)!!!!

From lower rating to higher:

Sadly, Call Down the hawk by Maggie Stiefvater was only a 3,5 stars for me.

4 Stars for:

By Any Other Name by Kayti aand M Pierce (adult fantasy)

Scared Little Rabbits by A.V. Geiger (YA mystery/crime)

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin (YA fantasy and audiobook)

War of Hearts by S. Young (Adult PNR)

4,5 stars for:

Outmatched by Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young (Romcom)

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White (YA fantasy/arthurian legend)

The Tattooist of Auschwitz  by Heather Morris (historical fiction)

Carry the World by Susan Fanetti (historical fiction and second book read about the Pack Horse Librarians)

5 Stars

Landon & Shay by Brittainy C Cherry part one (NA contemporary)

And my favorites this month:

Someday, Someday by Emma Scott (Adult, Male/Male romance) 5 Stars.

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes (historical fiction)

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black (YA fantasy and my most awaited of 2019!) 6 stars!!!!

And this week’s discussion post was about being grateful as a blogger!

In the blogosphere and literary world

Epicreads has set up a quizz to see what percent of a hero or a villain you’d be. 😀

I am happy that my results are :

“You’re 92% heroic…

You’re the fearless and noble leader everyone aspires to be! The world would be lost without you so keep fighting the good fight.”

Super Sophie is coming your way!!!!!


Blog hopping:

As a die hard bookstagrammer I really liked Ama’s post:

How to Edit Your Photos for Instagram (& include your username to AVOID theft)

This was my month! Now how many books have you read in November? What was your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


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42 Replies to “November has been my best reading month so far! Wrap Up and the Sunday post”

  1. I’m 83% villainous… haha I don’t like this quiz 😉 And no apology needed!! I’m sorry work has been so stressful and its a totally valid reason for not commenting (not that you need a reason!) Also its not petty to be stressed about all those things! Honestly its a bit petty of your family to put all that stress on you!! I like your ordering food solution! It sounds like a great way to cater to everyone and not drive yourself crazy <3

  2. Ahh it’s the stressful season with all the holiday preparations, I wish you all the best for it all, you can do this! <3 <3 I hope you'll have a lovely December and will still get some moments to relax, hopefully 🙂

  3. Here comes the rush of the holidays – we have such a short window this year! My tree is up and partially decorated… It feels like success, but I wish the ornament fairies would come and put them on for me. Good luck with the vegan dinner – goodness that’s a tough one!

  4. November is my best reading month too! I really liked By Any Other Name! I can’t wait to read QON, and Serpent and Dove! Hope you have a wonderful December!

  5. Wow! You definitely had a great reading month. I am currently reading Someday, Someday by Emma Scott and I cannot wait to read the new Brittiany C. Cherry!
    Have a great week!

    Whitney @ Sincerely, Whitney

  6. I hope you figure out the Christmas dinner dishes. That’s a lot of variety to have to work with:) I just finished decorating my tree too and now I’m going to work on the outside of the house today. And you sure did have a great reading month. A few of the books you shared have found their way to my lists!

  7. Congrats on having a great reading month! I would not want to plan a meal for your family. That sounds complicated. Have a good December!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Bwahahah thank you AJ!

  8. Olivia-Savannah says: Reply

    When I am with my vegan friends we all just eat vegan as it is the easiest option! Are you vegan too? I can see how that might make the dinner a lot more difficult to plan though. And no need to apologise for being busy with life. My commenting game has been slacking lately as I have been traveling as well ;.; I hope you will be able to get everything ready for Christmas.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I am not a vegan but I eat so few meat, maybe once a week or two weeks that it does not bother me at all! I love vegetables and chick peas etc. We will all eat vegan indeed 😉

  9. You definitively had a good reading month Sophie!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Kayla!!!

  10. I like your review graphics.

    As for Christmas, we’ve been meeting at local restaurants for the past few years…although it would be nice and homey to curl up at one of the houses. I stopped cooking a few years ago, though. I guess I’m lazy? LOL.

    Enjoy your holiday.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      I’m not sur you are lazy Laurel! Maybe you just want to enjoy life LOL

  11. I’m SO loving Carry the World. And to think I nearly didn’t read it. That would have been a tragedy!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Oh yes Tracey a tragedy !!! I am so happy !

  12. Oh no sorry you gotta work on the 24th. Argh that sucks but I hope it all works out. Food too. 🙂 Oh and I got 92% Hero/ 8% Villain, so that’s not too bad right??!?

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Yes that’s great Greg! It was my results too! 😉

  13. Work and shopping and hosting on Christmas Eve… it can all be so overwhelming, but kudos to you for keeping it all in perspective. In the grand scheme, these are good problems to have, aren’t they? 🙂 And hooray for such an awesome reading month!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Yes they are good problems indeed 😉

  14. You’ve been reading some fun stuff and don’t worry about the commenting. It’s going to be like that sometimes. My only suggestions for Christmas with multiple diets is either pizzas or tacos where they can put in the “toppings” they prefer. Good luck. Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Oooh but your idea of pizza or tacos is brilliant Anne!!!!

  15. Hopefully things calm down a little at work. I know how stressful work can be!! And trying to have a family meal with everyone’s requests is tough. I can’t have gluten, so I usually end up with my own stuff. I can’t imagine trying to do a big meal vegan though!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Well Samantha I think I’ll end up ordering food! LOL

  16. Hooray for the Christmas tree and hooray for Queen of Nothing!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Caro!!!!

  17. Can’t everyone just eat vegan? Seems like the easiest solution. I hope you are able to work out your menu. Congrats on 666 followers. Hopefully you get another follower, so you don’t have such an ominous number of subscribers. You had so many 5+ star reads. That makes me so happy!!!

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Well yes I’ll have everyone eat vegan but then some don’t eat fat, others…LOL But I’ll find a way 😉

      1. You are a good woman for trying to make everyone happy. Covered dish? That would guarantee they have at least one thing they would eat. LOL

  18. Glad you’ve had a great reading month despite how busy you’ve been! Loving the roundup, I read The Giver of Stars and absolutely loved it! <3

    Anika |

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      You too? It’s been one of my best reads this year!

  19. Christmas is always very stressful. I’m so sorry you’ve to worry about Christmas dinner (although I no longer eat meat, I still eat fish and all in my region all the Christmas dishes have fish). But I’m sure everything will be fine.

    Happy readings!
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Tânia!!!!

  20. So glad you had a great reading month! I feel you on the commenting. I haven’t been able to as much lately.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Well I guess some months are just too busy …

      1. Holidays are tough. I also get the winter blues (my depression gets worse), so it can be hard to get motivated.

  21. Rachel @Waves of Fiction says: Reply

    Cooking when there are a lot of different food preferences can be difficult. Hope it all works out! I’ll have to check out the Brittany Cherry book. I’ve been meaning to try her. Hope things get less stressful and busy for you, and have a great week, Sophie! 🙂

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Rachel!!!

  22. Honey, I’m glad it was your best month, that’s great!! & OMG, The Queen of Nothing… 6 stars??? I can’t wait to read it.
    I hope you have a wonderful December ❤️❤️

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thanks Sofii! You too 😉

  23. *Hugs* Things sound so stressful right now.

    1. BewareOfTheReader says: Reply

      Thank you Jen!!!

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