All About Love Final day: Mini Me aka My Daughter’s post!

Today is the last day of All About Love and my guest star is my own daughter. Mini Me. Julie. You have to know that we are going through tough times with her big brother. My son has a huge heart and absorbs every emotions tenfolds. It’s not always been easy between these two. It’s […]

All About Love Day 14: Amy Harmon!!!

Dear friends, Today is Valentine Day! What better choice to speak about love than Amy Harmon? Everything she writes IS pure romance. Her books are filled with love. The one transporting you into Heaven and leaving you with a heart filled with joy. You think I’m exagerating? Well read her books and come tell me […]

All About Love Day 13: Talia at Red Hot Ink

Hello dear friends,   Today I am pleased to host the post of Talia at RedHotInk aka my partner in crime for the series of “USA The Good The Bad The Quirky” AND my Photoshop fairy godmother. Talia is an incredible young woman currently studying in New York but coming from the gorgeous city of […]

All About Love Day 12: Angy Potter from Collectors of Book Boyfriends

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Today is day 12 of All About Love and we welcome a fantastic blogger: Angy Potter at Collector of Book Boyfriends. I can honestly say that the woman is a machine! Always perky, never tired and doing the work of a thousand bloggers! If you have questions about blogging Angie is […]

All About Love Day 11: Amy from Foxy Blogs

Today on the blog we have Amy from Foxy Blogs sharing her love story with libraries! What better way to pay homage to these bookworms beloved institutions right? Thank you Amy! FOR THE LOVE OF LIBRARIES I love going to our local library and browsing the shelves. When my kids were little we went at […]

All About Love Day 10: Emma Scott

Today dear readers I’m humbled and thrilled to welcome on the blog Emma Scott! She is one of my top most favorite authors. The one who makes me cry, swoon, sigh and smile. I’m in the middle of her last book In Harmony due to be released in three days and let me tell you […]