#Blogmas2019 Day30 : Best of the Bests #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends, Today is THE day in this blogmas to tell me: what was (were) your best book read in 2019? 🤔⁠ Choosing one book among the more than 128 that I have read this year would be impossible. Every time someone asks me to choose I feel like choosing my favorite kid! So you’ll […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 29 : Best swoon worthy reads. #BestBookOf2019

Hi dear friends, We are nearly at the end of this daily challenge! And today, as a romance blogger I am very pleased to talk about swoon worthy books! What’s a “swoon worthy” read? I don’t think there is an official definition somewhere but I chose to freely translate this in a romantic story. So […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 28 : best books to make a movie! #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends,   Already day 28 of this blogmas and I wanted to talk about the books I’d dream to see made into movies! Yes yes I know, the book is always better but there are some exceptions, the best one being Harry Potter for me or The Hunger Games. So, provided that the cast […]

#Blogmas2019: Day 27: Ugly Cry #BestBookOf2019

Hi dear friends,   In this 27th day of our Blogmas 2019 we speak about ugly cry books! The real tear jerkers! I don’t want to cry every day but from time to time this is really cathartic! The book that gutted me this year is one that I have spoken twice already in this […]

#Blogmas2019 Day 26: Best Book Recommended by a Friend #BestBookOf2019

Hi friends,   Blogmas is still going strong! Today we will talk about the best book recommendation that you got from a friend in 2019! I have one winner because said friend, Alexandra, was so bossy but she was right! I absolutely adored The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty! So much that I immediately […]

#Blogmas2019 : Day 24 : Best Male Main Character #BestBookOf2019 Second attempt at posting!

Hi friends, Sorry to give you two Blogmas today but it seems that this post scheduled for yesterday did not post as planned! As we are talking Book Boyfriends I just HAD to try posting a second time !!!! This is such a fantastic topic for a romance book blogger like me 😀  I have […]