#BestBooksof2018 Day 25 Merry Christmas! Best Female Main Character: Stella from The Kiss Quotient. Blogmas

First of  all today I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas I still wish you a very happy day filled with love and joy. And who knows even present or good surprises even if Santa does not visit your house 😉    Day 25 of our Best […]

#BestBooksof2018 Day 24 Best male MC. Toby from A Girl Like Lilac and Weston from Bring Down the Stars

Hi dear friends, I don’t know if many of you will blog hop today and how many views this post will get but I sure hope enough to give justice to these fantastic male main characters! Because they deserve all the love I swear! Two winners today and two men that I would love knowing […]

#BestBooksof2018 Day 23 Best Plot Twist: Love My Way by Kate Sterritt

Hi dear friends,   Only one more week of our daily blogmas fun already! Today’s topic is best plot twist. I love when authors surprise me! You are certain the book will go one way and then BAM! Surprise! This is something totally different. Some of the best plot twists I have read before 2018 […]

#BestBooksof2018: Day 22 Best Cliffhanger. Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi Blogmas

Hi dear friends,   Do you like cliffhangers? No? Me neither except when I already own the next book. Well today is best cliffhanger day on Best Books of 2018 and I don’t own the next book in my winner’s series!!!! I am really frustrated as I just HAVE to know what will happen next. […]

#BestBooksof2018: Best Book Hangover. Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott Blogmas

Hi dear friends,   Today is the first day of winter and is abnormally hot here! But it also is the day when I tell you all about my best *or worst depending on how you want to see it* book hangover! If you don’t know what a book hangover is here is a little […]

#BestBooksof2018: VOTE for your favorite Cover Model Blogmas

Hi dear friends,   Today is special for our Best Books of  2018 as I had no idea who was my favorite cover model for 2018! So I asked other readers on our Facebook goup and here are some of their favorites. So what I am asking you is to vote and comment with your […]