Blogmas Day 28: Best Sex Scene of 2017

TAKE THE CHILDREN AWAY TONIGHT! 😊 Topic: Best Sex Scene Today’s choice won’t be about only one sex scene but about a collection of sex scenes in a book and yes I’ll try to choose one….   Today’s winner is Tales from Cushman Row by Suanne Laqueur First because it’s Suanne’s. That woman could write […]

Calendar Girl December: Best Book Published in 2017

Here I am again participating in this monthly blog event called Calendar Girls and hosted by Melanie Bernard and Flavia The Bibliophile. Guidelines are easy: each month there is a theme voted on. Bloggers then write posts about a book fitting that theme. The best part are the discussions on our picks as we’ll visit […]

Blogmas Day 3: Best 2017 “Cried my Eyes Out”

“Cried My Eyes Out” book! I love Ugly Cry books. There is something cathartic to a good cry. Cleansing even. As I’ve already spoken about one of the Ugly Cry books I’ve read in 2017 earlier this week (Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner) I will choose another VERY emotional book. My “book that should not […]