When books hit you like a mack truck …

Like many of you I’m an avid reader, compulsive even. I’ve read more than 8.000 books in my whole live so far. But how many really last in my memories and why? This will be about books that’ve been either so inspirational/moving or so disappointing that I still remember years later.   ♥ On my […]

The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur

More than 5 “huge triggers but outstanding writing” stars! A copy of this book has been kindly provided by the author via Netgalley.com, in exchange for an honest review. If you’re looking for a very emotional and intense story written from third point of view, I want to shout: “just give this book a chance!”. […]

All The Ugly And Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

  4,5 stars An ARC has been kindly provided by St Martin’s Press, via NetGalley.com, in exchange for an honest review.  I was dying to read this book! I can now say this is a one of a kind book.   I fell in love with this author’s writing and the choice she made to […]