Discussion: Why don’t we see pudgy and lazy male MC in romance stories? Well I have that theory but …. Let’s talk about characters cast.

Hi dear friends, I am back from YALC!!! I know I have tons of posts and comments to catch up with and that’s what I’ll do in the coming days but I wanted to rekindle with my Thursday discussion tradition! Today’s topic has been inspired by a comment from Lashaan @bookidote about one of the […]

Discussion: do social media make it impossible for an author to do right?

Hi dear friends, Some weeks ago on the taboo topics discussion, Katie from @nevernotreading commented with the very arresting: “I think it’s tough for writers right now, because we have kind of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” culture thriving on twitter right now. If you ignore a taboo topic, you’re ostracized. […]

Does blogging make you bolder? Part 2: Connecting

One year of blogging and looking into the rear-view mirror. Last week I began this post series about what blogging brought in my life. Twelve months after I can definitely that I am a changed person. Last Saturday was about trying Photoshop as it seemed such a dare to me but this week I want […]