We love … LJ Shen, her Alpha males and kickass heroines

Dear readers,   I’ve a little treat for you all. LJ Shen (Leigh) agreed to answer all my questions! She really is such a super sweet person and I love her books. I’ve a crush on Alpha males and Leigh writes Uber alpha males. They’re also complicated and often @holes in some ways but what […]

When my blogging adventure suddenly looked like some Disney Movies… The wonders and traps of blogging.

This morning when I woke up I had the sudden realization that my blogger life was more and more looking like Disney Movies. So let me explain why I suddenly feel a kinship with these fictional characters now that I’ve begun the blogging adventure and had to thwart some of its traps.   My first […]

When a shiny plugin’s siren call made me sell my soul to the Devil…I was screwed!

Here comes my first opinion piece as a blogger and it saddens me to confess I won’t be Wonder Woman  but rather Scrat (think about Ice Age movie, he was the unluckiest saber-tooth squirrel in the whole world).     As a blogger newbie I love visiting other blogs just to get a feel, see […]