Discussion: The Art of Blogging in the Rain. How to go on when the sky is dark.

Hi dear friends,   I know that today I’ve made a wordplay with Garth Stein’s book title “The Art of racing in the Rain” (that you should absolutely read by the way) but it was too tempting as the topic is: How do you go on blogging when you feel exhausted and under water? The […]

Discussion: Do you think publishing houses have it right choosing only “big” blogs? I don’t think this is the golden rule and here is why!

Hi dear friends,   I wanted to come to you today with another topic that I would love getting your feedback upon: blog size and publishing houses’s marketing strategy. Yes yes I know that does sounds so serious but that’s really something that’s been nagging my mind lately. First let’s state the case: when sending […]

Blogging 101: Working with PR agencies: How to and Are you Selling your Soul to the Devil?

Hi Dear friends,   When I began blogging I was lost and confused by many things. I had to learn the bloggers lingo and learn the ropes. What was a meme? A tag? A blog tour? A guest post? A dreamcast? What was Canva? And Picmonkey? A pingbacks? etc. Now that I am slightly more […]

Does blogging make you bolder? Part one: Photoshop

One year of blogging and looking into the rear-view mirror. Am I a different person now? I’m certainly older with maybe one more wrinkle but the big change is: I DARE! One year ago I never imagined all the *crazy* things that I would do for my blog. Yet here I am: chatting with authors […]