On this day where the veil between worlds is thin, what kind of evil would you ward off? Blogoween Level 2 last day!

Hi dear friends, Today is the last day of Blogoween and the last prompt from Clo @bookdragons. The topic is: The Veil Is Thin Explanation – The 31st Oct is supposed to be a day when the veil between our world and the otherworld, is at it’s thinnest. As such, it was originally a day […]

Trapped in a haunted house! Who me? I’d need help from …. Blogoween Level 2 day 7

Hi dear friends, This is already day seven of Blogoween Level 2 and today’s prompt is again from Clo @bookdragon. Who would I want with me trapped in a haunted house? You have to know that I avoid at all costs even the haunted houses on carnivals and fair.   You know thess creepy constructions […]

I have the perfect fictional world for Halloween! Quick and straight to the point today. Blogoween Level 2 Day 6

If you could pick any fictional world to have Halloween happen, which world would you choose?   Happy Monday dear friends! I hope the weekend was good and that you are ready to trick or treat in a few days! This is my sixth day of Blogoween and the first prompt by Clo @bookdragon On […]

Ever thought a character’s death was unfair and totally unnecessary? Yes? Well I rant ahead today and share who I’d like to resurrect! Blogoween Level 2 day 5

Today is day 5 of Blogoween level 2 and the last prompt imagined by Soph @bookwyrmingthoughts! Topic of the day: I Summon Thee!   Explanation: Anything to do with resurrection – characters you wouldn’t resurrect, characters you would resurrect, etc.   This is the perfect excuse to show my evil side!   The one when I […]

Toil and Trouble: villain themed post today! My favorites in all shades of grey and …no darkling! Blogoween Level 2 day 4

Today on Blogoween Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts has asked for a villain theme! Toil and trouble or would I want a villain as a roommate, in a haunted house or ….   Maybe if they looked like Lucifer Morningstar I wouldn’t mind … 😀  Well I don’t know if I’d want all the ones I’ll […]

Blogoween level 2: What Spooky Creature are You? Take the quiz …and pray for the best!

Today on Blogoween Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts has amped up the challenge with a quiz! Topic: What spooky creature are you? As I love nothing more than a challenge instead of puting a link to one of the numerous premade quizz existing on the web I decided to build my own quiz. With pictures, choices […]