Book Author Challenge: Day 25 Life Changing

This is heavy stuff today! Which author would have written a book that would have changed your life? Or at least shaken your beliefs? Or opened your eyes and minds? Or… I do recall being shaken to my core by Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. I was so surprised to root for a hero who cowmitted […]

Book Author Challenge Day 23: RomCom

Hi Dear friends, IT’S FRIDAY! Thank God some time to follow everyone back and comment. Plus time to read in bed as long as want ….nearly!   We are beginning the weekend with something to lighten your mood: RomCom! Collector of Book Boyfriends and I decided to feature some Queen or King of RomCom today! […]

Book Author Challenge Day 22: Paranormal

Hello dear friends,   Today Collector of Book Boyfriends and I decided on Paranormal as our topic. Which author do you think would fit this description of Queen or King of paranormal? I’ve read plenty of paranormal books but today I chose two well known authors as my winners. One could even be called the […]

Book Author Challenge Day 21 : Newest Author read in 2018

Hi Dear friends,   Today I’ll get to gush again about a new author that I’ve read some weeks ago. I’ve already explained to you how I met Kate Sterritt at RARE London. It was really unplanned. I had never read her books but while waiting in the long queue outside the building, my friend […]

Book Author Challenge Day 20 : Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Hello dear friends!   On this day Collector fo Book Boyfriends and I chose to feature authors giving you thrills! Thrillers, mysteries or suspense. Of course I could feature Stephen King the master of horror and suspense. Or SJ Watson who made me tremble with Before I go to Sleep BUT Today I chose a […]

Book Author Challenge: Day 19 Most Gorgeous Writing

Hello dear friends, We have reached the 19th day of our Book Author Challenge hosted by Collector of Book Boyfriends and I! Nineteen days of posting every day about our favorite authors! Today’s topic is about authors we think have a gorgeous writing. I have several authors that I love reading as Brittainy C Cherry, […]