#BookCouplesChallenge Day 24

Science Fiction When I saw today’s topic I was all “Oh Hell” as I thought I had read few sci-fi stories. I did what any reader on Goodreads would do: look at my “read” shelf. Wonder of wonders I had read several sci-fi books and good ones at that! So here below are my science […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 23

Royal/Non Royal Haha another trope I’ve read more than once! If it’s not my most read trope I’ll be able once more to come up with several contenders and one winner. I don’t know why but being noticed by a prince or a king is something appealing to my inner little girl who grew up […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 20

Book Couple Challenge Day 20   Today’s topic is disability.   Well this is one of the few occurences where I have only one book to talk about but what book!   Sarah and Grant from Priceless by Linda Kage This book was just fantastic! Talking about romance when one of the main character as […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 19

New chance (divorced/widowed) OK today’s topic is new chance. We even get the divorced or widowed instruction. Well I love new chances. It means you can make mistakes or have drama in your life but there is still light and hope at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m all positive but that’s just […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 16

New topic today one that I find really interesting! I think we become wiser and smarter when we speak with people from other cultures and often from other races. I love traveling and meeting other ways to leave, other traditions and other races.It opens my eyes and put many things in perspective. I don’t hold […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Forbidden

Book Couples Challenge Day 11   Today’s topic is forbidden. And I noticed that what was planned later in the month is taboo. So I was all going into a debate with my 18 years old son about what’s the difference between forbidden and taboo? Well we came to the following conclusion: forbidden is not […]