#BookCouplesChallenge Different Social Classes

Book Couples Challenge Day 7 Today is all about difference in social classes. Can love supersed social classes differences? Well if you have to believe all the romance books that I’ve read about this topic I would say yes.   Again as I have much to say about it you’ll have several contenders and hopefully […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 6

Book Couple Challenge Day 6   Today’s topic is conflict of interest. Okaaaaay so how should I understand this? Is a taboo (teacher/student) a conflict of interest? Or is two rivals in different firms defending opposite clients the only interpretation? Because if it’s the last one I’m doomed! So I will choose my own interpretation […]

#BookCouplesChallenge College

Day 5 of the Book Couples Challenge   Another trope I love and have read plenty: college! I love NA so that’s to be expected that college romances would have a place of choice on my shelves. Sooo as usual contenders and one winner but the choice will be tough! I think we could have […]

#BookCoupleChallenge Celebrity

#BookCoupleChallenge Day 4   Today’s choice is one of my favorite trope in romance: celebrity. Call me shallow or girlish or whatever you want but I love to read books featuring one or two celebrities as main characters. Honestly what little girl or teenager has never dreamt of becoming famous or being chosen by the […]

#BookCoupleChallenge Day 3

Book Couple Challenge Day 3   Open the windows, take a cold shower, choose your most sexy underwear today’s topic is …. BDSM!   I know I could take the easy route and feature Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) by E.L. James Whatever you may think of this book it’s been a precursor and has […]

#BookCoupleChallenge Day2

Day 2 of Book Couple Challenge   Today’s topic is about arranged marriage.   When I read today’s choice I did not hesitate one second. I haven’t read many books with arranged marriage but this one is a fabulous book! He falls in the category of “don’t judge a book by its cover” because frankly […]