#BookCouplesChallenge Day 28

  I’ve already posted about forbidden relationships as in incest, priest or student/teacher (and this last one will be tomorrow’s topic). So what other taboos remain? It could be BDSM as in before FSOG this was pretty much taboo (thank you Mrs James you liberated many people and spiced up social conversations) or swingers before […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 25

Second Chance We’ve had “new chance” as in widowed or divorced and now ‘second chance” meaning: going back to the same lover and beginning anew. Well this is another of my favorite tropes. OK I hear you think “she has so many favorite tropes it’s laughable!”. Maybe but the truth is I love nearly everything […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 22

Paranormal   Yay the topic of the day is once again a huge favorite of mine! Paranormal as in vampires, werewolves, fairies etc. So here below you’ll find all my favorite couples in PNR for YA and Adult. Cut me some slack as I will choose one winner for YA and one winner for Adult. […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 21

  Day 21 of Book Couples Challenge and it’s one of the toughest choice this month with the Geek one! I confess that I haven’t read many romances with the main characters meeting online.  Traditional mail yes like Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas or Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata. Would that count?   Well if […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Day 17

Today’s Book Couple Challenge is LGBTQ   I have not read many books with main characters being homosexual or transgendre. Side characters plenty but main characters no. I guess it’s not my favorite genre and yet the two books I’ve read with main characters being either homosexual or bisexual are among the most beautiful and […]

#BookCouplesChallenge Historical

Book Couples Challenge day 15 Here I am again with a short list of historical romances recently read. Some twenty years ago I was a huge fan of historical novels. I’ve read all Alexandre Duma Father’s books (in French my mother language) and loved Dartagnan, Aramis and Portos! I also read many Christian Jacq‘s books […]